SEO London 2011


i got invited to the CM training day as well :slight_smile:



my interview’s on 18th january, haven’t heard anything from any other banks yet.

rang goldman sachs this morning and they said they may be able to change the date but not unitl the new year.


Looks like there is another batch of students being recommended for markets. Hopefully there was an increase in the number of roles available for SEO candidates. otherwise, all those who applied for markets have some serious competition


Hey IBD,

I did attend the first training day, this one is in preparation for AC invites according to the email.


@ vardbh9

good luck with gs interview

sounds awesome, i havent heard anything yet :(… Which banks did invite you to AC so far? What were your choices?


I have not had any AC invites, hoping to get them in January.

The email says:

You should have already received an email indicating that have been recommended to our partner firms for summer internships. In addition to this, we would like to invite you to a training day on Tuesday 4th January 2011. We feel would benefit from additional training and interview practice prior to any possible assessment centres. As you have already been recommended, there is every chance that you will be called through to assessment centres over the coming weeks, most likely in January. This training is therefore designed to ensure that you have the necessary skills and insight into banking, in order to excel at the final round assessment stages. This training should also be beneficial to you for interviews via your direct bank applications, and so we strongly encourage you to attend.


hmmm, why didn’t I get that invite?


Just got an invite from Goldman to interview, any other SEO candidates heard from partner firms?




Hey IBD,

Its possible they have not got round to you, or they consider you a strong enough candidate to face the interviews without extra training!!!




Well done! Was that for a capital markets role? I had an interview for a partner firm last week but haven’t heard from any others.


invitation for IBD training day on 4th Jan


@ avery9

we’ll see… when is your interview?


which partner firim was interviewing you? where did you apply for?


Hi Kenpachi00,

My interview is probably for sales/trading as I chose those divisions. The email does not go into specifics but says they will send me an email with more details (time/date/location/role) in the new year.

IBD, the email does not specify a date. Although I am hoping it is after a final round I have with a non partner firm.



BarCap Sales division


cheers, I hope it is for GS trading i.e. a division I’m not going for…


lol, Kenpachi00 there is space for both of us!!!


Hey vardbh9, i also got invited to an interview as well with gs…yea i informed seo the next day but they already knew about it. what uni do u go to and have u started preparing



does anybody was invited to research div interview with GS?

well done all of those who got interviews.



Nothing by it, just haven’t heard back about that one. Really want the Morgan Stanley internship.


oo right…who has got a gs interview on the 18th…

division: operations