SEO London 2011


@ GarySmith

what division have you applied for?


@wannabe_trader I have applied for Technology


nice1. good luck for your interview


anyone heard from Goldman securities? i completed my SEO numerical on 5th dec and submitted the application just before the deadline. Was this too late? anyone know if they are still doing phone interviews? any A.C’s coming up?


Hello everyone, have anyone who applied for IBD,research and ops heard back from sponsors of SEO? thanks in advance



I am not too sure about whether SEO are still doing phone interviews. I will call them this friday though if I have not heardfrom banks so will ask if they are still conducting phone interviews and then pm you.


I applied for Trading/ Sales. Not heard anything back from banks. Howver it seems that some people are being contacted this week so I shall wait until Friday before I put in a call to SEO.



Do you mean you know other SEO candidates going for FO that have been contacted by banks already? I was put forward for Research/Sales and haven’t heard anything either since the BarCap training day…



no i do not know anyone being contacted for markets. someone on this forum has been contacted for technolgy though.


Yeah, me too… Probably they will conduct the AC and interviews after Christmas & NY. But serously, the sooner the better!



the thing is there have been quite a few ACs already for FO summer positions. Perhaps there are a few people that have already heard back but are not regisered on wikijob/ tsr.


@ wannabe_trader

I realise that, but most of the AC are in Jan. I just really hope to get some, dont feel comfortable without invitations…

How abt you, did you hear back from any bank? are you applying yourself?


Hi, I had my Computer Aptitude Test on 2nd December then the following Thursday got an email from Chi to update my CV, and i haven’t heard anything since, is anyone in a similar situation?? Or has anyone heard anything different. I applied for the Technology Division.



‘i really don’t feel comfortable without any invitations’

lol I feel EXACTLY the same.

applied directly to a couple banks and recieved str8 rejections after the aplication/ online test stage


How the the Computer Aptitude test go and what was the format for it?


i just got invited for a interview at goldman sachs for operations, has any1 else got an interview yet?

i have exams that week and dont know if i can change the date to a week later or not.

do you have to inform seo about it or will they already know?


I got the invite as well.
Just need to ask whether I need to make another application since I already made one individual application on the deadline day.


did you apply for ops as well?


also, when do you guys have your interviews? have you heard anything from other banks? thanks in advance.


Has anyone else received an invite to a capital markets training day?




@ avery9

Hey, is it your first training day with seo? have you been to one on 1st dec?