SEO London 2011


Has anyone who has been forwarded by SEO gotten any assessment centre replies?


@Winter , did u get an email from Chi saying your application would get forwarded?


@ Winter

Have not recieved any replies since I recieved an email saying that my application will get forwarded. do you know anyone who has been invited to an AC?


Got an email saying that I will be recommended to the partner firms.

Do individual applications get considered now or SEO?

Pretty sure everyone applied to GS but now that SEO will be recommending us, will we have a better chance of going through the normal process or SEO? Will both applications be considered or only the original one made individually to the firm?


i got one from krishna and i attended the assessment centre training but havent heard from them since.
no unfortunately i havent. :S not many of my friends got seo.


I believe all AC’s will be in January since most banks run their AC then + the SEO slots which are there in banks will only start filling up in early 2011.

Had a friend who got UBS DCM through SEO and said the SEO AC/invites start in early Jan-Feb


What is your experience in dealing with SEO people? I gave them a call today if there is update on my application, its been almost 4 weeks since I applied… All I was told was “If there is any update we will contact you via email”… End of story, didnt even sound like she wanted to help. 4 weeks… nowhere else you have to wait sooo long…


I waited for 2 months so I’d be patient if I were you.
What prog have you applied for? I think they go through one prog/division at a time


I applied for professional services, so from what I read it is the first one they deal with… nothing compared to BIG4 who reply even within few hours…


@eric cartman

what program/ division have you applied for? just wondering if there are any FO roles still being recommended…


I have heard they do it division by division … So one week Ops, other week Sales … n so on…
wannabe_trader - Say you applied for Trading at GS and SEO London tells you that they are forwarding your CV to partner banks, which is better? Will both things be considered by GS or SEO will not send it to GS since you made an independent application yourself?

Give SEO a ring or email them. Professional services candidates have got ACs coming up soon


Do SEO forward hundreds of applications to each division? So for example, for technology, would they forward 500 applications to Morgan Stanley? This is very competitive and therefore impossible to get in?


I don’t think they take 500 people in their class. (maybe prof services + IB- Yes)

They pick and choose so if you hear from them in December or early Jan, means yes otherwise they haven’t selected you to be part of their prog.
I haven’t heard of anyone being rejected after the phone interview though


does anyone know when the operations AC’s are? what if you have exams in january, when the AC’s are happening?


vardbh - nothin before christmas - pretty sure.

If you do have exams and cannot make it to the Ac, they will schedule you for an alternative date for sure .


i have not recieved any news since my app was forwarded to the banks. i think i will call SEO for an update on the timeline and to see if anyone has been invited for an AC.


@wannabe_trader please let us know what they say…I am very anxious about this too and haven’t heard anything!



absolutely. as soon as I have spoken to SEO I will post feedback on here.


Can I ask are you all still at uni or have some of you already graduated?


I have heard back from Goldman Sachs inviting me for an interview. My friend also got an invite.