SEO London 2011



Too much coursework before I head home for Christmas

Gonna do a few this weekend! you??


Got the SEO London phone interview - FINALLY.

Any tips and experiences would be greatly appreciated!

PS: Withdrew Citigroup as no response from them for over 2 weeks = possible rejection and SEO would possibly be a better shot at them


Yer same, havent heard from any of my apps at all… but i did get the invite to do the phone interview as well.

mines on tuesday, goodluck bro!


Mines on Tuesday too.
What time is your interview slot?



When they say we will talk about your division etc in the phone interview, do you only mention your first choice or 2 or all 3?


Mines umm… between 12-1 i think. I have no idea if its for my 3 choices either. We’ll c.


@ eric cartman

mostly your first choice. go through the info packet on the website and read the divisions/ roles bit. that helped me alot.


@ winter

I have my phone interview tomorrow. what type of questions do they ask? do you have to be able to talk about the ft or current market conditions?



most of my questions were to do with the division I applied for ie my first choice.

what division have you applied for?


@ wannabe_trader

private wealth management and operations.

what sort of q’s do you think they ask about these two divisions.
do they ask any generic q’s as well, like why did you apply, what’s in the financial news at the moment, etc.


lool this wait is killing me, I think i’m gna play sum COD lol



they will ask you why you have chosen these divisions and what these roles involve on a day to day basis. they will ask core competencies so align these with the division you are applying for and make sure you are commercially aware ie have a general view/ idea on what is going on in the markets.


I feel the same. I was recommended to banks about two weeks ago and have not heard back since. no idea if anyone from SEO has been invited for an AC…


Phew!!! just had my telephone interview.


I take that as you thought it went well then :slight_smile:


yer i think it did, she said the next thing was to recommend me to the banks. That’s what counts really!!


mine didn go as well as I would have liked!

Well, guess I’ll have to wait till I hear from em


oh dear, what happened??


just had the phone interview. thought it went ok, but i think i spoke a bit too fast which i hope she puts down as some form of nerves.


I kinda mumbled a bit and like vardbh - spoke a bit too fast.
When she asked me what you’re doing at uni - i went on about my course but should have put in some extra curricular…
Well I guess I’ll wait and hope for the best else - make separate apps


OOh kk, do we get an e-mail saying we’ve made it through or what??