SEO London 2011


No but the tests are standard for all prog.


anyone recieved interview/ AC invites from the banks yet?


Has anyone been invited to do the programming aptitude test on thursday??


I have! Is it in Morgan Stanley?


Yer, its @ morgan stanley. Any idea what these tests are about??


Yeah me too. What time is yours? I have no idea, probably just basic computing concepts. They said we dont need practice so im guessing its not too hard.


hmm yer they did… but i dont study computer science. Oh well… I can only do my best i guess. Have u seen any practice tests online? It said 4-6pm, urs??


Good luck guys.!


It cant be too hard i guess! Mines at 1:30-2:30! I dont know how im going to travel when is going to snow heavily tonight!!


good luck guys!


Thanks Eric Cartman and durden44


Thanks guys,

@qwasy yours is an hour long, mines 2 hours… very scary i tell ya!! lool.

I’ll keep u guys updated!!


Yeah im not sure why that is. Yeah its quite scary, it will be a good experience though!!
Im going to be wearing layers and layers of clothes, hopefully the snows not to heavy!!


lool mee too… you’ll have to leave really early. Im lucky because i live quite close to c.wharf. anyway let me know how ur test goes. hopefullyits good news. goodluck 4 2mrw


I live in London so I guess its not too bad. Will do!! Thanks, same with yours! Good luck!


anyone here heard back from the banks yet?


how was the programming aptitude test guys??


It was alright man… not what i expected tho. We’ll see!!



Does the prog test constitute towards the AC or first round for MS ?


Part of the selection process for SEO, got nothin to do with MS. They just rented the office room.

How r ur apps going