SEO London 2011



There is no AC yet. Once you pass the online tests and phone interview you may be selected by SEO to have your details forwarded to the banks. the banks then decide who to call in for the AC.


Now that sounds effin sweet.

Now that my reference has gone through , I shall wait patiently without having to stress too much on my behalf.

Do you need to rank your preferences of banks or do they send it out to everyone?


Ah shit, I didnt even know banks still have to decide who they want for ACs. I thought it was all smooth sailing.

The competition in this industry is crazzie!!!


Does anyone know If SEO’s already forwarding our application to other banks, are we allowed to still apply to individual firms that we’re really interested in.


@Winter: i think they’ll start to forward them from today as for many of those who’ve been selected are asked to make some amendments on their resume before the 24th at midnight.


anyone invited to BarCap training AC?


I was invited by SEO.


Are we all in the Weds 9-11 slot? :slight_smile:


ye i got the same time too. quite excited.


yes me too!


Can anyone tell me if they will call you in advance to make an appointment for phone interview?

Many thanks!


no they send u an email asking when you’d like to be called.


Thanks for your reply Durden44!


Anyone here apply for a tech role???



I am slightly confused. Are there going to be mock interviews at the event on Wednesday? I am trying to prepare but not too sure if I need to be ready for competency based and technical interviews.


Ive done some practice questions on the shl website for the numeracy tests and am finding them very difficult.

How any questions are there and am I the only one finding it tough?


I amm!!! Have you done the numeriacy test


I amm!!! Have you done the numeriacy test


19 questions - 25 minutes.

Pretty easy. The practice test is well long and hence you tend to lose concentration.


It says on the email that it lasts for 45mins so im guessing there is about 39 questions.
Are you also doing the technology placement?