SEO London 2011



@ Gary

first of all congrats!

secondly can i just ask are you applying for the 1 year placement and also which firm accepted you?

BTW do you know if the SEO partner banks for tech are still having AC’s - because i haven’t been invited to a single one expect JPM and that is only for the spring break program which is not what im looking for as i want a 1 year plaement.

thanks in advance.


Has anyone in here been for a second round of interviews with Goldman?
If you have, it would be nice if you could share your experience.

Good luck to everyone else with partner banks. A large set of the AC will be held in Feb - Mar which I do think is really late given the fact that a major chuck of your course mates etc would’ve already put pen to paper.


Yeah S&T


I have got a first round interview at Goldman comming up for Operations (applied outside seo for this one). I would really appreciate any tips from those who have been through it, is there any need for me to be as nervous as i am?
Seeing as though i havent heard anything from Sales through seo partner firms i feel theres alot riding on this goldman interview.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have an interview with Goldman Sachs Tech internship through SEO london. Got the email last week and filled out an application. They confirmed the interview.

If your applying for tech then they expect you to have no industry knowlegde. What i would recommend is:

  1. practising interview questions (you really get better the more you do).
  2. Practising you basic IT skills, what is linked list, inheritance and final (java), trees
  3. Practise your “I want to work in investment banking because…”
  4. Practise your "I want to work in XYZ company/department because … i) it enables me to achieve my goals by … ii) the team i will be working in has abc qualities iii) the XYZ offers … (i.e. internal mobility)…
  5. do a quick full time job search on the company’s website or efinancial careers (this ones are so much more detailed) before you go for an interview and memorise what one of the job ads says that person will be doing in that department. so you can answer what will you be doing on your internship with “i dont know because it depends on what will be happening then but i know that in XYZ department there is ABC project and i could potentially be doing (what the job ad says).”
  6. The company’s CIO’s interviews (tells you about company strategy)

Spend what ever time you have left AFTER doing the above looking at:
7. The company’s website
8. The company’s annual report (ignore the financial figures)

That’s all you need to research about a company. With all this information you’ll be able to ace any interview.



Thanks m8 thats been a great help, i feel alot more comfident now.


Apparently the vast majority of ACs have already taken place and the offers/rejections will be done tomorrow.

Good Luck to everyone!


Spoke to someone from SEO half an hour ago. I didn’t ask if it was all divisions, but she said that most partner firms have already made their decisions about offers.



thats what ive been worried about - are you talking about all the divisions? because i heard that a large chunk of ACs will be in feb-mar


I think SEO meant that most partner firms that have actually done assessments have already made their decisions… to be honest, I don’t think HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Mcquaire and some of the others have actually interviewed any SEO candidates.


morgan stanley has a couple weeks ago, not sure about mcquaire and hsbc


Krishna Shah sent out an email today confirming what ken said.

Good luck everyone, I wish you all the best!!!


Has anyone had interviews/AC for Operations with banks other than Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan?

These are the only 2 I have heard back from with SEO and unfortunately I couldn’t do the JPM.
Citigroup, Morgan Stanley??


what was the email about? I didn’t receive it.



email stated that partner firms were contacting SEO with lists of those they will offer positions to. SEO will get round to processing the offers and contact successful applicants by friday this week. i am not sure as to what divisions/ roles. all i know is that a round offers will soon be made.


I only got GS interviews with SEO. I was hoping for atleast an interview with Citigroup, MS or Macquarie Capital.
Well, gotta make sure I’m in top form for the final round GS then


thanks mate!


is that a question or a statement?


have you got an offer? who have been given offers so far and in what division?


did they call or send email?