SEO London 2011


guys, i have been invited to an AC for SEO i was wondering should i dress as i would if i was going to an interview?


Hi Ali, yes! always dress smart! I even wore a suit for SEO presentation at uni and I noticed that they like that ; )
Is the AC done by SEO? I’ve been invited to CITI’s.


Yeah its done by SEO. Mines at Barcalys in canary warf this friday.

Anyone else been invited to it?


Cool! Good luck Ali!
don’t forget to let us know how it goes. I’ll do the same…


Thnx karin86


@ali786…I have the BarCap AC this friday too! How’s the prep going for it so far???



Im actually stuck, i dont know what to prep! - I try to read the FT so i guess that counts and i am preparing some Qs i can ask the SEO staff. what about you?

BTW which division are you applying for? is it technology? have any banks contacted you yet?


@ ali786
I’m just preparing questions now, trying my best to think of sensible ones to ask lol. Yea FT seems like a good idea, i better start reading that!

Yh i applied for Tech, what about you? No i haven’t heard from any banks as of yet, have you?



I applied for tech aswell (1 year placement) and i havent heard shit all from the banks yet - but according to SEO i think the AC’s for banks run well into jan/feb and even march and since if your chosen you get fast tracked i dont think we should be worried much because these banks are conducting interviews/online assessments about now so their AC will be later.

I really hope i get into one of the banks - i tell yah im reading the FT and dont understand shit! its confusing.

anways ill see yah on friday!


Im still waiting to be invited for an interview for Sales!!!

How were the operations interviews at Goldman? Will they be the same for S&T interviews?


I hv had an interview with goldman sachs and have been invited to jpmorgan ac now fr technology



Ive also been contacted by jpmorgan. I just need to confirm it with them, can i just ask are you applying for the 1yr placement?
Also how was your gs interview what kinda qs did they ask?


which division are you gonna be interviewed in JPM?


nope, think we get it end of jan



im not sure mate i still havent confirmed that im joining it -ill do it when i get home.

Have u applied for it aswell? What division is it?


yeah same here, the wait is killing me, have you heard from any other places?


Has anyone who’s going for S&T heard from JP Morgan, UBS, Nomura, BAML or Willis?



I heard Nomura has already had AC for SEO students…


@IBD in S&T?


Hello. I applied for Tech and have an offer. I just wanted to give some information back to the site which helped me. Basically, first and second round interviews are 80%+ competency, CV, Covering letter based. If you mention something such as the credit crisis, they will ask you about it. The trick is, mention things you know well and can show of your knowledge with. The technical questions I have for technology were nothing to with programming or too technical , just generally talking, e.g. How would you store HR data, using a database etc. Be confident, keep speaking , give long answers. Some interviews I only got asked 4 questions or so as I kept going on and on!