SEO London 2011


Yeah I know, good luck with MS!
I think I will probably take the first offer I get, so that I can concentrate on getting a first this academic year.

Why MS, is’nt Barcap/GS/JP stronger for securities?


Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas everyone.


Merry Christmas everyone.





congrats on interview. what division are you applying for?
the week of the interview i have 3 exams as well so revising and preparing for interview all at once. how about you?


Merry Christmas :slight_smile: xx


@ vardbh9: Tell me bout it…'ve got an exam on the 13th, @ least i’ve got couple of days after-wards…what school do u go to and what r u studying


Merry Christmas

@vardbh9 and rosario
did you make an individual application to GS yourself or were you solely relying on SEO?
If you did apply, are you making an additional application or will the previous one you did enough?



@ rosario

im doing economics

@eric cartman

I started an application to GS before seo but never sent it off before deadline so im just gonna send it off now.
I think if you already sent off an application you dont need to send another but ring GS and find out just in case.


does anyone know how to schedule a time for their interview for gs in january.
by e-mail or phone?


Has anyone who applied for research heard anything from SEO?


guys, i applied for the 1 year placement program with SEO in technology and i got in - however since i got my acceptance email from SEO (which stated that i had been recommended to their partner firms) i aint heard anything from SEO or any of their parter firms regarding any interviews which is getting me worried - is anyone else in this situation?



BTW id just like to add that i just realised that i stupidly wrote my email address incorrectly on the CV i submitted to SEO and i would just like to know if when partner banks want to contact me will they email me an email on the address i have stated on my CV?



One interview for sales, which they recommended me for but i did not put down as one of my preferences, but so far nothing for an actual research position.


Anyone who applied for Ops got interviews from other partner banks other than GS?


@eric cartman I have only heard from GS for Technology and when I went for the training day with SEO Chi mentioned that only GS has given offers as of yet. So there is still every chance that you will get offers from the other banks, it’s just that they haven’t got back to us yet. Good luck!


Hi, mate can i just ask when you got invited by GS for technology did they email you or call on your phone?

also the training day you say that you had with SEO - did everyone get invited to that because i didn’t which really concerns me!!!



@ali786 Basically, I got an email from GS just before Christmas, the email sent was generic and was sent to quite a few candidates from SEO. Then I was asked to schedule for an interview on the GS Careers website. There has been a few training days with SEO which Chi mentioned. Also, it also depends whether you applied for the summer internship program or year long program, I applied for the summer program. If you got through SEO’s assessment stages I wouldn’t worry as there are a number of Banks that now have the applications and it is just a case of waiting. Good Luck!


thanks for you quick reply.

i applied for the 1 year placement - what complicates matters for me is that i took my programming test 3 weeks after everyone else because i weren’t able to come to the initial test at MS. This meant that my application was sent out late by seo.

can i just ask when you went to these training events with SEO were the students their all applying for summer internships or 1 year placements aswell?


@ali786 At the SEO training event there was about 80% summer placement students. If you’re application was late getting sent out this could have something to do with it. Anyway, to be honest with you, I don’t think the training session was extremely helpful. Basically went through the main divisions quickly (5 mins), a few example competency questions (Describe teamwork experience?) etc.