SEO London 2011



Thanks everyone!! I had a missed call at 1.30 and then Krishna called again at 3.30 with the good news.

She is probably going to make more calls tomorrow though, and there are still partner firms that haven’t interviewed yet from what I could gather so fingers crossed if you haven’t had any interviews yet.


For everyone whos applied for SEO tech and havent recieved any word from the banks dont worry because i just phoned GS and they said they still have a long way to go for their recruitment process, they said that their ACs will be held from Jan all the way through to March. So i imagine the other banks are doing the same.

GS also said that they have only had a few interviews for tech and we have every chance that we could get picked.


Congrats Ken :wink:


I have 2 missed calls from an unknown number this afternoon. Did SEO call you from an unknown nr too? I’m so anxious! been trying to call them but they’re not answering…


congrats ken!! most likely is SEO, what are the chances of getting two missed calls from an unknown number in the afternoon? just keep your phone close im sure theyll ring you again :wink:



it was from an 0845 number when i got it, and was different from the number that they usually contacted me on, so your two missed calls seem like a very good indicator.


@Chef and Kenpachioo
Thanks guys, I’ve managed to reach one of the ladies from SEO and she said that the missed calls weren’t from them and that they still don’t have any news for me. I suppose tomorrow is the big day : ) Good luck to everyone!


Congrats Ken and good luck to everyone for tomorrow!


i have been to the final round interviews with MS and haven’t been contacted today, does it mean I didn’t get it? it was for S&T… so nervous


does anybody got the offer from nomura?


Hey guys,

I am still waiting to hear back from MS AC for S&T. Anyone else still waiting?


Phew cos i haven’t heard from any partner banks at all…i keep checking my emails like a mad woman but still nothing…
So we have till March before we can start to worry about not having any AC invites :wink:


i didnt go through SEO…



Hi, yeah its quite unnerving when people keep saying their getting offers from banks that we tech ppl have applied to as well but you have to remember that the different divisions within banks have different recruitment timetables.

BTW have you received anything from JPM - so far that’s the only bank that has contacted me so far but unfortunately its a summer placement position but im applying for a 1 year placement.


Anyone heard from SEO today??? I was expecting them to call or email me to give me a final answer but nothing : (



I’ve literally heard nothing at all…since the BarCap thing on the 21st i’ve not heard from SEO or any partner banks at all…i’m basically just twiddling my thumbs waiting i guess


Hi all. I have accpted an offer from GS for Technology. As this site helped me alot! I am willing to give as much advise as possible! Just mesage me if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to help!


Anyone got any professional services updates?


hi gary, i was just wondering has GS filled all of its positions for 1 year IT placements for 2011?



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