SEO London 2011



Has anyone applied to SEO London and heard back?

I finished the online tests and think I nailed them. Emailed them after to ask a few questions about their recruitment process but no response as yet.

Would be grateful if someone could share their experiences/latest updates here.


I only got one, the numerical. Did it a while ago. I will probably give them a call if I have not heard back by the end of the month. The next stage I think is a phone interview. Though I have not got an invite for verbal. What program/ business division are you going for bennjerry?



I emailed them after 6 days of taking test and got reply the next day. you should be getting reply soon… Good luck


did you give just numerical test? strange…i had to do both of them together


I applied for Operations as first choice and IBD as second choice. you?

I didn’t get the verbal either. Just the numerical and thats about it. Do you think its because my tutor hasn;t sent the reference yet?

wannabe_trader - is there anyway you could ring them up and update me asap. IT would help us while we draw out other applications.

@mega_curious - which program did u apply for? I believe you get the verbal only if ur going for professional services. Their IB and Prof services program/recruitment process is different I believe.



I got an email saying invite to numerical and when i logged into the shl website it showed the numerical as the only task to complete. what program have you applied for?


I am also making out more applications as well as finishing off an industrial placement. look on their website they have a contact number. I made a phone call last week and they said to be patient so i won’t be calling until after a while.


I should have done it the other way around but I wouldn’t mind it either ways.

I have applied to almost all the other sponsor banks and if I get rejected by them, the whole point of applying to SEO is lost I suppose.

I will try and speak to them by the end of this week to see what’s going on and when can I expect to hear from them.


I submitted my application last week and got the numerical test invite today, just did it now.

btw, how can we check if the tutor has uploaded a reference letter?? I know I could have asked, but it’s so difficult to find my tutor. anyway we can find out from the application?

the SEO recruitment process is not very clear. Is there actually a telephone interview?


From what I have heard - its simply an assessment centre with a few partner bank people there etc.

you could end up getting multiple offers but I will be calling SEO this Thursday to see if I can switch my preferences.

I don’t think there is anyway to see if the tutor has uploaded the documents I am afraid. I better go and check up with my tutor tomorrow morning.

I believe they hold one AC in January and one in March but worth cross checking. Lioz - is there anyway you could call them?

It would be ideal if one of us calls, gets all the info and puts it down here.

I have already applied to most of their partner banks
Nomura, JPM, HSBC, Barclays Capital, BOAML.

Where are you on your individual applications? Any offers/interviews/AC?



If you really need to speak to them why don’t you just call them up? No point asking others to call for you on this forum, your questions will be better answered if it is you that is asking them directly.


log on to the application home page and scroll all the way down to the reccomendations link. click on this and a page should load with your tutors names/ email and the date he had started and completed the reference. If he has not submitted anything (or if SEO have not recieved it yet) then the start/ completed dates remain blank. My tutor had done it online.


I’m gonna call them today afternoon.


Many thanks for answering my question. In my case, that’s what showing now:

Notified of Request: 11/8/2010
Started: 11/10/2010

It appears the date is still missing after “Completed:”, does it mean my tutor has only started but not yet submitted the letter? Or it shows the same in your account?


good luck with your call with them. For me I think my waiting so far is still relative short, so for now I will just sit back and wait for further notice.

FYI, there is this link which might answer questions


Sorry for late reply. Was really busy

@ bennjerry : I applied for an audit (professional services). That’s why I had to do verbal as well.

@lioz: when you log-in in seo-london, you should see that you have submitted your application. And right underneath it should be the status of the reference from your tutor. When your tutor submits it should update to ‘your tutor name’,‘Submitted’ and ‘date’. But since you have already been invited to take the test, I assume they have received it. But just to be sure, do check with your tutor.

@ wannabe_trader : that’s quite a wait u had to do. Your progress in this application won’t be shown in log in page I am afraid, they will simply email you back if you are through next stage. How did your test go?

They gave me just a day to prepare for phone interview and I messed it up lol. So I ain’t hoping to get invitation to AC. Hope you guys get plenty of time before interview. If you get through, you should also get an email asking you to choose top three locations to work in. I chose London, Reading and Southampton.

Good luck guys, If you get this one then it’s a bonus coz they will train you before you even begin intern in one the firm!! How cool is that??



Thanks for the detailed response/ PM. I saw on their brochure that they recruit first for the professional services first so maybe it takes a little longer for IB roles. Test went alright, done loads of SHL before so we shall see the outcome.

Anyone got a phone interview for IB roles yet? I will be sure to update as soon as I have something…


your welcome



Thank you for the explanation. Though I received the instruction to take the test, my reference is showing the Started Date rather than Submitted Date, so I assume my tutor hasn’t really submitted the letter which is becoming very annoying now.


I have a friend who applied for Professional Services and this is what he told me.

After the phone interview - he got straight into the AC for KPMG and E&Y.
PwC emailed him asking him to complete the client question they have on their form after which he got an invite into the AC.

As you mentioned, all this was after he did his numerical and verbal followed by the phone interview with SEO


@ bennjerry … thanks for the info


Hi guys I have recently received an invite to sit a numerical test and therefore it would be extremely helpful if you could suggest a few practice websites and also it would be great if you could tell me the level of difficulty that i should anticipate>>
thanks in advance


Personally, the test is pretty easy if you have done some before for other banks etc.

They use shl so shldirect is the best place to practise for the numerical test.
Which programme have you applied for?
good luck


thanks a ton bennjerry really appreciate your help
My first preference if for a trading role followed by ib advisory

Got to get done with that test first thing tomorrow morning>>
hey it would be great if you could tell me the average time for each question …
many thanks