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Hi guys,

I will be having my online (WebEx) interview with Audit Director for senior audit associate position next week. I am from India and before this I gave a telephone interview to recruiter. There were no online test.

I have two queries:

  1. Does anyone know what are the steps after this interview? Because on this forum I have read a lot of people talking about AC and Partner interviews. Since I am from India, do I have to visit UK for AC tests before getting an offer? My previous experience is 3 years in a Big4.

  2. If anyone can guide me what to and where to prepare for the interview?

I will appreciate anykind of help.



Most people on this forum are talking about graduate positions. For Senior Auditor positions you won’t have an AC, I would anticipate that the interview with the director will be the final stage but I can’t be 100%. You should have a recruiter contact who will be able to answer these questions for you though?