Semi-voluntary relocation, what to ask for


A couple of weeks ago I as sent to South Korea for some on-site support. We were meant to stay for a week, but it kept getting extended, and we ended up staying for four weeks.

When we got back, my manager called me into his office and said they were giving me a nice bonus and we had a talk about the trip. He thanked me repeatedly, and I said how much I had enjoyed it, and wouldn’t mind going over there for some kind of sabbatical (we have offices over there) for a few months. He didn’t seem to think it would be possible at first, but after.

However, in a chance meeting with the manager of another team, they realised that having someone from HQ over there would be really beneficial, and asked me if I would like to move over there permanently. I do.

My question is what kind of things should I be asking for when we talk about practicalities. The cost of living in Seoul is lower than here (London), but I doubt that they would ever ask me to take a pay cut. Should I try and get my accommodation paid for? Medical? Enough money to buy some furniture if I can’t find a furnished place?

Any help is much appreciated.