Semi experienced hire strategy consulting


Hi all,

I am thinking of moving to a different consultancy firm. I am currently working for a very large consultancy (as a functional IT consultant) and am looking to move into a smaller, more niche one (like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, or even PwC Consulting).

Basically I’ve been with this company for a year (started as agraduate) and am wondering whether it makes sense to apply as an experienced hire rather than as a grad.

I’m also interested in anyone’s comments regarding the above companies - pay/conditions/work etc.

I’ve maanged to land a pretty good role straight away, so have learned quite a lot during my first year and think that I could managed to be hired as an experienced hire.

So… discuss…



Consultancy firms tend to take on experience hires if you have at least two years experience so applying as experienced hire with one year’s experience might not be the best option. Having said so, give their HR team a call. They oughta be able to give you clearer guidance into their recruitment policy.


I’d personally go for the grad programme just because of the network you develop coming in as a class of 201x.


Hi i’m having a similar problem. I’ve been working in accountancy, in a grad role but for around 6months now. I work in audit and want to get out of this 3 year contract asap. Did you apply for a different firm yet? Do you think it’s a good idea to apply or do I have way too little experience. I’m thinking of starting again as a grad and definately not experience hire.