Sellafield Ltd - Graduate Scheme 2013


Has anyone done the video interview for Sellafield? What sort of questions does it have? Is it scheme specific or general to all applicants?



I’ve been invited to do the video interview also but have no idea what sort of questions they ask? Has anyone done it already?


I did mine a little while ago, it was pretty standard stuff - brush up on your competencies and make a clear decision on which of their sites (sellafield or risley) you would prefer + why you want to work in nuclear industry. It was my first video interview so I don’t think it went too well - It’s hard to keep talking and judge what to say with no response to see if the interviewer is engaged or interested.


i ha


has any one gone through sellafield video interview. i would need some tips for the kind of questions they ask or except


Hi. Has any body had feedback from sellafield after video interview? I did mine in January and have not heard anything.