Sellafield (FUSION) Graduate Scheme - ASSESSMENT CENTRE!


Has anyone else been short-listed for the Sellafield Graduate scheme assessment centre in Lancaster???


Yea I have on the 21st and 22nd Jan


Is this science/engineering?

What’s the assessment process like?


Yes it is both science and engineering based. The assesment process consists of an online application form, verbal and numerical online tests, telephone interview then finaly a day and a half assesment center. Does anybody have any information on the assesment center? Thanks


The assessment centre is quite relaxed…if its the same as mine which it should be on the first evening it will be general introductions quite informal before a sit down meal where u get teh chance to talk 2 fellow candidates and assessors…they dont assess you while you eat btw!
The full assessment is on the next day where you get a timetable of what you will be doing it comprises of a compentency interview which is pretty standard ie: name a time when you have shown leadership qualities etc its really quite relaxed and mine turned into a chat about my previous experience.
There is an individual presentation basically about yourself your experience etc
A technical interview…why u want the role u applied for and what you think you can offer …mine wasnt too bad nowhere near as daunting as i anticipated. You also have t do a written piece of work…why you want to work for sellafield.
finally two group exercises …how you work as a team with specific problems or how you manage to come to a conclusion.
Also you have to retake the tests but in a paper format

All in all it was the standard routine for an assessment centre although trust me its not as daunting as it seems despite their being a lot of activities…i looked at it as if i didnt do so well in one area i managed to redeem myself in another.
Hope this helps!
You all applying for science & engineering?


Yes I am applying to the engineering. How long ago did you do your assesment center? Did you get the job? Were your interviews with one person or a pannel? Thanks for your reply


Well done hopefully i’ll be there too. For the written work (why sellafield) approximately how long of an answer did you give? Thanks


There were other questions other than that such as which location would you prefer and challenges facing the company i think not sure what else…i think i wrote a couple of sides in the end its not too taxing though.
you will have to let us know how you get on!!


Will do thanks for your help. This is the first assesment center I have been to so quite nervous.


YOu will be ok as long as you know about the company and enthusiastic about the role…more than anything just be yourself and you will be ok!


How did you prepare for it? Is it best to research into recent events or more about the history of the company?


Id do a bit of both current affairs are always a good start


ok well thanks for your help hope to see you in september




Thanks for all your advice Moonax


NP How did you find the assessment centre?


The assesment centre was relaxed like you said. Everything went ok apart from the group excersise where i couldn’t get a word in edge ways! lol this meant that i didn’t contribute much to the discussion and therefore didnt get a job offer :frowning:


Just wondering what questions were asked at the technical interview?!

And what position were you applying for?


Hi. I was applying for the design role as an electronic engineering graduate. I found the technical interview to be more like a chat about how uni is going and what modules you are taking. They wont ask you anything horrible like work out an equation or design something on the spot.
I got asked:

  1. What are each of the modules you are taking?
  2. Which is your favourite and which is your worst?
  3. Why do you like/dislike these modules?
  4. Then he asked “tell me about the topics you are studying in your favourite module” on this question he wanted me to talk about one area in particular in detail to show i had a good understanding of my subject. A pen and paper was provided to help you explain your answer. Just talk about something you know a lot about and can talk confidently about.
  5. He then asked me about my dissertation. On my course (Electronic Engineering) you have to do a big write up like everyone else in uni but you also have the added pressure of designing some hardware from scratch in 8 months. So i had a lot to talk about in the way of time management and again i could visualy describe my project to him. The interview went about half an hour over because he seemed really interested in it.
  6. I then got asked how my skills and knowledge would benefit the comapany.
    When i got the feedback from the assesment centre they told me that this was my strongest area as i was really eager and enthusiastic about my project.