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I thought I’d start a thread on SELEX Galileo as one doesn’t exist on wiki job.

The recruitment process of SELEX does not involve a phone interview for a majority of the graduate postions so I would like to know if anyone would be willing to share their experience of the SELEX Assessment Centre or if anyone has one coming up. My AC is scheduled for February 2010.

SELEX recruitment procedure:

  1. Application screened by HR.

  2. Invitation to SHL-based numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

  3. Application screened by recruiting managers.

  4. Invitation to Assessment Centre.

  5. Offer


Good luck for your AC jagode. What are your thoughts on the company so far? Do you think it would be a good place to work?



The opportunities offered at Selex seem very interesting. Reading the graduate profiles, I get sense of real responsibility and many of the grads seem to be contributing to demanding projects. I have a friend who went to the AC recently and he mentioned that it was difficult but fun so I’m looking forward to it; though I have other ACs before Selex.


It is a good place to work, and you can work on some interesting projects but the level of responsibility for graduates varies enormously depending on which department you work in and which manager you work for and how geared up they are for developing a graduate.

This can usually be sorted out once you’re on the scheme if you’re proactive, but be aware that you might be very short on work if you’re unlucky and then you have trouble justifying why they should give you a good pay review when you haven’t been given much work to do.


Thanks uxl, it’s great to get advice from an actual Selex employee.


Hi everyone! I have an assessment centre in early April with Selex and have a couple of questions to help with preparations.
Does anyone know what the written exercise will be about? Is it similar to the Army Officer Selection Board test?
They mention a presentation to be done, does anyone know the topic for this?



Written exercise will usually be about a commercial decision you have to discuss, not really something you can prepare for. Presentation is usually on a topic of your choice, e.g. something you’ve achieved as part of a team, that kind of thing.


Ok thanks for that uxl! I’ll email them about this presentation as they haven’t mentioned anything recently. I have a couple more questions for you if that is all right with you?

How do you rate them as a company and a graduate recruiter?

Do they take responsibility for the social side of graduates?

Do they support relocation other than financial aspects?

You mentioned about the graduate experience being vastly different depending on what manager you get, does this mean there graduate scheme is not centralised and does not have to follow a set company course?

Many Thanks


No posts for this year yet!
Just had an email to say I have been successful at the screening stage and they will be in touch in March. It’s for systems engineering…
Is the general thought that it will be an invitation to an assessment centre? Or will there be an interview first?