Seeking information on what training contract at PwC is like for the first year


I’m an accounting graduate with an offer to work for PwC which I’ve accepted.

My particular role is Tax, but I’d happily accept information from any LOS at PwC.

before I get into the questions, I’d like to point out that money/benefits aren’t the deciding factor for me, I just want to be qualified, but at the same time, it would be nice to know if there are any nice surprises waiting for me.

  1. Firstly, my starting salary is £14,000. or so I believe. I know some of the other big 4 raise the salary year by year during the training contract. i.e. KPMG dublin go something like 21.500->23.500-> ???(or so I’m told) can I expect anything like this at PwC?

2)I anticipate full working weeks, with some overtime, this overtime counts towards additional days off?

  1. Are the classes on weeknights/ends, or is there a period spent at university(full weeks?) could you provide even a very vague schedule for first few months?

4)Will I have to do much driving? As a tax person, or even as a junior auditor?

5)any other benefits? i.e. decent laptop/phone/some other expenses paid? even free lunch??

look forward to some answers cause seem impossible to find anything online!


I can only answer from my friends experience who works in audit but I’ll do my best.

1.) There are different levels within Pwc, I think they’re something like F1, F2, F3, S1,S2… and they relate to number of exams passed and year etc. as you pass through these levels the pay level increases.

2.) I believe overtime is unpaid and will not contribute to time off in lieu, in tax you are more likely to work closer to your contracted hours but anticipate arriving 30 minutes early and leaving 30 minutes late.

3.) The exams are done in blocks, you usually two (maybe one) weeks of time in college to learn a module followed by some study leave before the exam.

4.) In tax you spend most of your time in the office, however as audit you might be spending around 75%+ of your working time at the client. Petrol miles can be claimed on expenses.

5.) Work laptop, travel expenses, hotel when working away with a generous allowance for evening meals.