Seeking help for Credit Suisse telephone interview

Credit Suisse

Hi, guys,

I got a telephone interview invitation from Credit Suisse for I.T Analyst Non-Technical Role. I just got a voice message today, which asked me to attend this interview some time this week.

Could you please tell me what kind of questions I will expect in this interview? I am a little bit scared about the investment banking technical questions and financial jargons. Is there any of them for an I.T role candidate?

Regarding I.T technical questions, how deep and wide about the questions?

Would they just ask: tell me the life cycles of software development?

Or even deeper: how would you let Java communicate with C++?
How do you use XML?

I am a Java fan, and have no experience of .NET stuff. Would this affect their consideration?



I think it depends on what they want you to do - what exactly did you apply for? Generally speaking, they’d expect you to know what [[Credit Suisse]] do- which is fairly reasonable. It’s pretty general, but have a look at [[telephone interview]] for some tips that might help you out a little too.

When is it?


Hi, Chrism,

Thank you for reply.

I have done the interview on last Friday.

I am applying for I.T Analyst Non-Technical Role, this is the vacancy title. From the job description on their web site, this is a role connecting trading floor application users and back office application developers. So it requires the candidate to understand both IB business and I.T development.

As you said, the interview is pretty general.
Why IB?
Why this role?
Why is your understanding about this role?
What is your biggest achievement so far?
What programming language have you experienced apart from Java?
What platform?

As I said in my last post, I am a Java fan, know something about C++. I even haven’t used VB before. The interviewer sounded a little bit disappointed about this.
Then a funny question: Do you know HTML?
I said, ’yes, of course! That’s a must have language when you do a web application. I think it’s very basic, so I didn’t mention it on my CV.’
He said, ‘yes, many people forget to mention it.’

Apart from this, every question I answered, he always said, ‘oh, that’s good. Very good!’ and even ‘impressive!’

I believe this is the way that interviewer makes candidate relax.

I am still waiting for the outcome.

Don’t forget to mention HTML when you apply for I.T role with Credit Suisse!!!


Hey CityApril,

I am having my CS interview tomorrow, very nervous, thanks for the help tho, will tell all how it goes!!


Hey CityApril,

I am having my CS interview tomorrow, very nervous, thanks for the help tho, will tell all how it goes!!


@ bananas pls could you share ur experience of the interview?


hey lobvot!

I had my interview a couple of days ago and it was v.simple, alot easier than Barclays or HSBC (barclays has been the toughest so far).

-the CS woman asked me lots of competencies such as flexibility, introducing a new idea, turning around a failed project and all the usual stuff.
She asked me quite specific things about my divison and where I want to be in 5 years. Oh yeh she also asked what was your biggest failure was as well.

All in all went pretty smoothly, the woman seemed really relaxed which helped me tremendously and was very polite in general. She also asked me who I was applying for and what stage I was with them, as soon as I mentioned Barclays she was very keen to know, what stage, what my impressions where…maybe a bit of rivalry perhaps.

I hear tomorrow if I have been through to the next round, hope this helps what division are you applying for lobvot2?


Hi, Bananas,

I am just wondering what example you gave them when you answered the failed project question. Was she happy about it?

I gave an example that I turned an unsuccessful business into a successful one. But the interviewer was unhappy about it. He thought it was a successful story! He insisted that I should give something I individually failed during work (failed project or missed deadline). Actually, I really don’t have one! Then I had to give an example in my uni study.

If I failed in this tel interview, this must be one of the reasons.


hey cityapril,

I like your example! sounded pretty good, I’m in the same boat as you as I havent really failed at an academic project and in a way I dont want to make it sound like its a regular thing to miss deadlines etc. But the example I gave was when I was competiting in a sailing competition in Australia last year for my uni, just talked about the months of planning and preparation, the expectation from all the funding bodies and sponsors and then the bad teamwork/poor performance - especially by me as I made a very elementary mistake which cost the whole team victory. The story seemed pretty sad actually now I jus read it, bet she felt sorry for me!! lol she seemed to like it because I talked about overcoming failure, bettering myself and now I dont fear failing - that kind of nonsense!!

I still havent heard back from them yet!! still waiting!!


@ bananas, operations and I am yet to submit my application. I’d better hurry up! thanx 4 d insight!


Just an update. I have been invited to assessment centre. Now seeking help for this.
How about you, Bananas?


I applied for CS job almost one month back still no reply. Any idea how long it takes to get an answer. When I applied I was sent some online tests which I did. since then am waiting.


me too been waiting for nearly 1 month, dont know whether or not been rejected!


Hey, I have my first round of interviews with Credit Suisse at their office. Anybody have any advice as to what type of questions they may ask. The interview is for a Non-technical IT Analyst. I was told that there would be a series of interviews with managers of various departments. Please let me know if anybody has any knowledge of the interview process, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


grad or internship?


Grad, it’s a campus recruiting position as a full-time non-tech IT analyst. I think this is an idea job for me, therefore, I want to go into the interviews fully prepared. From doing some research online, I’ve learned that there will a series of one-on-one interviews, an assessment as well as a group discussion. If anybody has any ideas or specifics about this process, please share. Also, please tell me how your experience with Credit Suisse was. Thanks.


I haven’t heard from them yet. When did you submit your test butters04 in comparison to when you submitted your apps? When is your interview date? I’m suprised they are asking to come in. It’s normally a telephone interview from what I’ve heard in the past.


congrats butters04!!
i applied for the IT analyst and submitted my test on 19th october…my application status says “In Progress”…when did u submit ur application ???and what was ur status after submitting the test??



what postion did u apply for and when did u sibmit ur test??


Congrats & good luck.
I have applied for the same Non technical IT analyst & waiting for my test results


Same here… application status says “In Progress”…
I submitted my tests on 21 oct