Seeking help for Credit Suisse Assessment Centre

Credit Suisse

Hi, all,

I’ve passed my telephone interview with Credit Suisse for I.T Analyst Non-Technical Role. I got a voice message today, which asked me to attend assessment centre, but date to be confirmed.

This is my first assessment centre opportunity. Anyone shares any experience is highly appreciated!

You guys have been very very helpful!!!



Hi cityapril,

I’m doing an assessment centre on 17th nov for I.T. Analyst - Non Tech as well…! When is yours ? And you got any info about the kind of questions etc. they ask at assessment centres?


my date is to be confirmed. i got no idea what questions they would ask. very little info about CS recuiting process on the net.


hi, suyash123

how was your AC? i hope you’ve done well!

So what is the structure of this AC?

During the group discussion, do they issue some pages of reading material or just give a topic only and let your guys discuss then do presentation?

Do you need to use flip chart during presentation?

What was your topic? I believe it was something like financial crisis.

During the competency interview, to what extent do they test your investment banking and I.T knowledge?

Is there any brainteaser question?

I am still waiting for my AC date to be confirmed. Any suggestion would be appreciated.



bump… How were the interviews??