Security Clearance


I have been considering applying to a Big 4 firm for a role whose description mentions the need to pass UK Government Security Clearance vetting to SC level. My potential issue here is that as a teenager I was a member of an anarchist group. I returned to the mainstream some years ago (more than 3, less than 10) but I still fall foul of the question about ever having been a member of a group intending the overthrow of parliamentary democracy by industrial means. Clearly I need to be honest about this during the application process but my question is whether this will make it impossible for me to obtain SC, and if so should I switch my application to another area?


Which area are you planning to apply for? I’ve not heard of a Big 4 job that requires security clearance?

Would it be possible to get a character reference? Or you could switch to plain-and-simple audit. Not as glamorous but doesn’t require a security clearance.