Securities & Investment Institute Qualifications?


I am applying to Aston Business School to do an Msc In Finance and Investment and I have also been applying for work experience placements at financial companies in Birmingham. I have received a reply from one of the companies saying that I should consider looking at the Securities and Investment Institute qualifications.

So my question is does anyone know which is the best? Would it be more useful to go through the SII qualifications or to do an Msc?


What exactly is it that you want to do, career wise? Needless to say, what you’d like to be doing has a big influence on what qualifications will best help you get there.


I am currently investing my own money on the stock market (on a small scale) and in the near future I want to start a partnership which means that I need to attract clients, so I want a qualification to show potential clients that I know what I am doing rather than just telling them about my results.