Second year results and conditional offers



I just finished second year exams and I am hoping to secure a consulting grad scheme for next year. My question is, in the event that I get a 2:2 for my second year exams, can I still state my predicted grade as 2:1 if I set myself on working extra hard to pull up my final year grades? Could I still secure a conditional job offer?

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Yes. But, employers will usually request a copy of your transcript before you begin employment - should they find any discrepancies with the grades you have purported and the actual obtained grades, they have the right to withdraw their offer. This is irrespective of whether your overall grades satisfies the criteria. In other words, deceit is never going to end well.


Thank you for your helpful reply.

When you say transcript, do you mean the final year results? In my application forms, I am not being asked my second year grades but only my overall expected grade. Therefore, if I get an offer before I graduate, will they check my second year grades in their background check or will the offer by conditional on my receiving a 2:1?

I would really appreciate your explaining this process to me, so that I can determine my chances.

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I forgot to mention the main thing. I got my results and I got a 2:1 in all subjects except for one module, where I got a 50, making my second year’s average 59.6. What are my chances?