Scottish power finance graduate scheme

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Hi, has anyone applied for the graduate scheme at Scottish Power? Any tips on the telephone interview and what to expect in the assessment centre?

Many thanks!


so i had a call today scheduling for an interview this afternoon…they rang me and said oh you cant do customer serive cos u have a degree in economics and not marketing…and by that time i had already said no i dont want to do finance i want to do customers service…after he told me i said change me over…and he was like u told me u dont wanna do finance…so i quickly changed my answer to yea customers serive is my choice…anyway scheuled for tomorow…
have u had your interview?? what did they ask ?please help…i already look like a twat …dont wanna look double twat


Lol, bit confused there…so your interview is in customer service and not finance? Mine was in finance, had it on Monday and still no feedback on whether I passed it or not. Might phone tomorrow to see what’s going on…you from Glasgow?

Well if your interview is on customer service they are deffo gonna ask you all the usual customer service questions like tell us about a time you provided excellent customer service…theres only 2 competency questions ( well for me anyway) one was a time where I dealt with change and the other about a time I worked in a team. The rest were general questions such as going over my cv and my previous work history.

Let me know how it goes and how long they say you have to wait till you find out if your successful or not!


hey i applied for customer service but since i dont have a marketing degree they said they have to cancel my interview so i quickly said change me to accounting…so yea now i am going for finance .will they ask anything like why finance? or what challenges scottish power are facing…what do u mean by going through your cv? will they ask job after job? …btw i didnt find the people on the other that nice…like they sounded realllllyyyy boring (in comparsiion to other interviews i have had or talked to other recuriters)








whats with the dots? lol its not gonna make me reply any faster! haha.

What I mean by go through cv is that they asked my about my previous jobs and what my main duties were and for my previous job what I liked and disliked about it. They didn’t ask my why finance but they did ask me why me…and tell me abit about yourself…they didn’t ask anything about what challenges scottish power are facing but prepare something just in case…you never know…each interviewer is different.


p.s private message me ur facebook address, we can chat in more detail there if you like? Might as well since we are in the same boat!


Hey pwc201213, did you hear back from Scottish Power yet? Can you please give more details on the Interview and Assessment Centre (if you already did it)? Thank you.



Hi, just wondering if anyone has been through the assessment centre yet? I’m attending one on the 20th and was wondering what types of questions were asked after the presentation (were they all really specific to the initiative put forward?). I’m currently shifting through a few ideas for mine but i’m preparing for another AC this week at the same time, the timing wasn’t great. I’ve applied for the commercial scheme. Thanks


i dont know if i got into assessement centre or not cos they emailed me saying no and yes at the same time…like they would have to wait to interview everyone first and get back to me…to tell you the truth they seem so disorganised hence not even bothered…good luck!


anyone invited to the Assessment event of 17th of April at Hoylake???


hi ! i have a telephone interview this week with Scottish Power, wondering if you had any tips from last year?


Hi, I also have a telephone interview coming up and I wondered if I get could any tips. Is it just CV based? Thanks


I’ve got a telephone interview coming up this week for SP and was wondering if anyone who has had one can give me any info on what to expect?


I also have a telephone interview for Scottish Power this week. has anyone done the interview? if so can you tell me what sort of questions they asked?or any other useful info?


Hi, I had a telephone interview around two weeks ago for the finance scheme. Just wondering if you guys have heard back? Thanks


no i still havent heard anything and its been almost 7 weeks now !


i got an e-mail yesterday saying that they would ring us today (friday 8th feb) or tomorrow