Scottish Independent firms salary



I’ve received an offer from an independent a/c firm and i’ve received the contract. When they say staff appraisal do they mean salary appraisal as well? It doesn’t say it anyway. Also, if there is no mention in the contract of salary bonus/increase for exam passes does that mean this policy is not in place?

I’m not sure how to approach the partner as I’d like some clarification on some points and also answers to the q’s above and to top it all off i’m not 100% sure about the firm either as i still have other interviews to go to this week as well.

Anyone got any ideas on how to delay the signing of the contract? It just says sign it as soon as possible but preferrably within 7 days…

soo confused!


If you still have interviews to go to, tell them this and they should understand.

As for the salary appraisal, I wouldn’t about it. Money is not the most important thing. If the firm is right for you, accept.

Just out of curiosity, what firm is it?