Scott Moncrieff

Moore Stephens

Here I am again asking for advice

I applied to Scott Moncrieff here in Glasgow, who are part of the Moore Stephens network afaik

So I done the online tests, SHL ones, hardest I’ve done yet! But apparently I’ve passed those and have an assessment day on the 3rd of Dec.

It’ll involve a group exercise and a fast track assessment, then an interview I think

Anyone familiar with Scott Moncrieff? :smiley:



I’ll be there on the 9th! It was meant to be on on the 19th November, but they cancelled it coz 2 ppl couldn’t make it! Soo annoyed! Where else have you applied to Chris? I’m annoyed coz I may have a job by then depending on the outcome of some interviews i’ve been to. I really wanted to consider employment with Scott Moncrieff but it’s too risky to say no to another employer just now and then wait for their AC :frowning:

A :slight_smile:



When did you guys apply? I applied at the end of October and haven’t heard anything from them since I sumbitted my application.




I applied on the 15th, got an email to sit the tests on the 18th, sat the tests on the 19th and recieved a letter saying I got through to AC on the 20th!.
I’d maybe give them a phone to see what the status of your app is if you haven’t heard anything. They seem very very quick and professional from my experience.

Does anyone have any tips on the Fast track etc?


Hi Chris

I’m deffinately going to contact them then.

Thanks for such a quick reply.
Good luck at the AC



Yea i applied early November. They are quick, it’s just unfortunate my AC was cancelled :frowning: Did you two apply to Glasgow or Edinburgh office? What other small/medium sized firms have uz applied to? It seems they are all arranging interviews around the same time!


Glasgow office I’ve applied to

Not sure how to prepare for the interview etc really as no advice on the site

Bit worried incase it turns out to be a purely competency Q based interview, because I don’t have enough examples I don’t think, they would all seem to run into each other


Hey Chris 0288,

How did you AC go? Want to share your experience of this and the fasttrack assessment?


hey guys

Having received an offer from Scott Moncrieff this year feel free to message me if you have any questions I can help with.


Rachel what office have you received an offer for?


Hey one for Glasgow starting in Jan, I turned it down in favour of RBS. How did you get on?


You’re not the Rachel I keep meeting at ACs are you?! lol


That would be me :slight_smile: I figured it was you when I saw the forums you were posting to.


How did you get a Jan start offer? If you don’t mind me asking obviously, PM me even lol I’m gutted!
Well done on RBS offer though!

I’ve got my final interview on Wed in Edinburgh, I got the director of audit interviewing me that day lol he was quite cool though


How did you get on Chris? Heard anything yet?

Lil. x


Yeah sorry I received an offer to start in Jan in the Glasgow office :slight_smile:



Gratz Chris! You going to take it?

Lil. x


Yeah I accepted it just the other day!
Have you applied to SM?


Ooo gratz,

No, Im in my last year at Uni, so only applied for couple of the big4, some banks, and some companies. Have an offer for one of the financial companies i’ve done summer work for, but not sure if its what i want to do. Really would rather do banking or accountancy i think, cant decide, hard to turn an offer down.

Missed out on applying for all opportunities as just havent had time for everything, and was kinda of the view that nobody’s hiring (obviously mistaken) so was thinking that i would start applying properly next year.

Seems like lots of accountancy firms have start dates in jan and april so maybe holding off wouldnt be a bad idea…

Lil. x


I doubt you guys will remember this but did you guys have any kind of interview with your fastrack? There doesn’t say anything about it in the e-mail but I prepared a few things anyway.

Many Thanks