I have a Schroders Investment Risk Assessment Day coming up. I was wondering if anyone here who’s been through it (or any other Schroders AC for that matter) could give me some advice on what to expect. I’m especially interested in the presentation you are asked to give. Any help would be much appreciated.


Did you have a telephone interview first or straight AC invite?


Straight assessment day invite.


How did you get on? Is that for a SA or grad role?


I applied for the Schroders internship a week ago - no feedback yet. Anyone else any feedback for the internship?


Applied for internship 2 weeks ago but still nothing. I think they will be reviewing apps after deadline (end of this week) and probably hearing back from them at the end of the month/beginning of March…


Didn’t make it past the the assessment day.

I believe Schroders only review applications after the deadlines pass so it may take a while before you hear back from them.


Hello everyone,

I have an online tests coming up. I would like to ask for some advice, if you don’t mind me asking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! =)


anyone applying for finance graduate program 2013?


I submitted my application for the investment management graduate program 2013 today, on deadline day. Anyone else apply for the same position?


Does anyone have any experience with the automated video interview?


anyone heard back anything for IM graduate programme?


What was yours like?


Hey I am still waiting the results from my video interview for full time finance scheme 2013. Anyone on the same boat?


Got a response, going to the AC. It sounds pretty intense.


Hi MS88!

I am invited to the AC too for the grad programme, when’s yours? Good luck!


hi MS88 , I also got a video interview to complete before end of tomorrow. It’s for greater china program. How was the video interview like? do you mind share some of the questions in the video interview? I really really appreciate that. will share mine later


hi, I got the video interview too. but mine is not Greater china program.
How is your video interview questions?
It is two minutes for speaking, or first minute preparation, and second minute speaking?


Hey Guys,

Video interview is just competency questions. Make sure to have examples ready, use the pre recording time wisely. Video aspect is weird. The last question: Is there anything else we should know about you? Make sure you know what to say for that because it threw me and I jumbled up my sentences.

I still got through though (Finance Grad Scheme), I had the flue and was unable to make it to the assessment center. They said too bad (but more politically) and apologized.



I want to know
the video interview, recording time.
It is two minutes for speaking for each question, or the first minute preparation and second minute for speakin

The competency questions are behavior questions or technical questions?