Has anybody heard anything back from Schroders, the website says within a week or a week after the close of the deadline at the latest. I applied for investment 3 weeks ago so wondering if I have just not made the cut?


Got an email inviting me to do the tests for finance


i phoned up to find out and was told they would come back to us ‘soon’, however she warned that they received 1500 applications for just 2 available positions, so told me not to hold my breath lol


i don’t like those odds!


I dont know why they advertise for 2 positions!


Anyone received the SHL numerical and logical reasoning invite today?!?

The AC is on 9th December.


no such luck, when did you apply Aj?



I submitted my CV on 13th October and finished those additional questions by 28th (I think). Are you UK based? They will get back to you by the end of next week so don’t worry yet. I am sure I read somewhere you have worked for UBS, so you should be fine. The AM industry seems to have picked up very well. Schroder’s odds of 750-1 is pretty inspirational too lol. Hope the package is worth it. Are you going for any other ACs? I had one with RCM but can’t go as it clashes with my graduation!



i cudnt be bothered to fill up their questions, why can’t they just ask for a simple cover letter… oh well. * I got Fortis invite.


just got an email - rejected unfortunately


yep got a rejection too! atleast they were kind enough to break the news before the weekend, dont wanna have another weekend of false hope lol.


The online tests are administered by SHL. There are 18 numerical questions to be answered within 25 minutes; and 24 logical reasoning (same as UBS = Diagrammatic) to be answered in 25 minutes. For the numerical tests there are plenty of time and its pretty easy; however, the logical reasoning is much tougher… I would rather do verbal reasoning anyday. Hope this is helpful to anyone who is taking the tests.



Has anyone heard back from the tests?

Apparantly, for those who finished the test, we are meant to hear back by the end of this week to see if we’re shortlisted for the AC!

I still waiting


Still no reply Jobless… I am not so confident about the Logical but must have nailed the Numerical. Will keep you updated.



Anyone heard back yet?



Just got an email saying I didn’t get through.

Let me know how you did or PM me.

Good luck


Commiseration Jobless, I still have not heard back. If it is a rejection, I hope to hear back from them by the end of today or tomorrow. I will announce it here too.


Got rejected even though they liked my application! I guess they did not like the name of my University… Best of luck to rest of you.


I guess it’s really depressing for them to reject us on this basis!

I’m pretty sure I performed really well in my numerical and logical test, so I sent them messages to get my test scores and I’m still waiting.



Dear …,

Thank-you for recently attending an interview for the … Scheme.

We received a very high standard of applications for our scheme this year and we were most impressed with your skills and achievements to date.

After much careful consideration however, we have to inform you that you have been unsuccessful on this occasion and as a result we won’t be taking your application further.

We would like to thank you for your time and interest in Schroders and wish you every success for the future.

Kind regards