Schroders Interview


Hi all, has anyone had an interview at schroders, either graduate or internship. I’ve got a interview for a summer internship in the private bank division and would like to know more about the format and questions.
Thanks in advance.


Hi when is your interview? have you had it already? could you let me know what the content of the assessment day was, Thanks.


Hi, can somebody tell me the selection process for Schroders graduate programme?
What are the events on the assessment day?


havn’t had an AC just had a F2F with three people from Emerging Market Debt for summer internship. Was a bit of a grilling really, questions fired from all angles. One asked me to prove the Black Scholes model. the other was nice but they all kept probing every opinion I had about the current state of sovereign debt, hedging strategies, where I would put my money etc. Also know what their business is inside out. Know your CV from top to bottom. thats all I can remember.


did anyone applied for Schroders , Greater China program? Any feedback after the video interview?