Schroders Interview Feedback


Has anyone been for an interview with Schroders? It’s a 1 hour session with 2 asset managers and then a numerical test.

Does anyone have any tips/previous questions for me please? It would be greatly appreciated!!


Hello Winter!! Could you tell me when did you submit the application? I finished the online tests in December but haven’t heard back since then…


What position have you applied for, nicic?


anyone applied to Schroders China / Taiwan grad programme recently? any news ?


I applied both too. I got an email around 10 days ago required me to do online assessment for taiwan grad program but havent heard anything back


hi flycheryl

I applied to tw only at last minute. when did you submit?


Hi exupery
I didnt apply early. i applied about 4 days before deadline.


I applied for the Greater China programme but haven’t heard anything


anyone knows how many china program grads they intake? i guess there must be 1000+ ppl applying


I applied to tw as missed the ddl for china

let us know if you hear back will you



I think it’s 1 position for the China programme, purely based on their paragraph on all programme for 2012 have closed, but currently looking for ‘a’ position on the greater china programme. they were only open for 4 weeks (? max.), 1000+ might be too much of a overestimate… but we shall see…


Hi exupery
did u hear anything after u applied tw position


anyone tried contacting hr?
If your profile corresponds to our requirements, a member of our HR team will contact you soon.

meaning no news =rejection


does everyone here have citizenship of China or TW? or have the right to work there? Or are we all British nationals here? Nationality wasn’t a prerequisite, but…


I have, but dont think it’s relevant at this stage

email hr only returns autoreply


so u email to "" this one?
cos i was also thinking to email and ask them maybe tmr. it has been a while!




did anyone applied for Schroders , Greater China program? Any feedback after the video interview?