Schroders Graduate


Has anyone heard anything from Schroders yet, in particular the IT stream?
Did the online form and tests a while ago, still waiting to hear.


Hi nish88,

Have you heard anything yet? When did you submit your online test?
I’m also waiting to hear back from Schroders about the AC. I submitted my online test last Sunday for the deadline of this Wednesday.



Nothing so far. Did call last week, said they will start reviewing apps on 26th Nov. Did the tests near two weeks ago. Was the deadline not then too?


I was only invited to sit the test on 26 Nov, and the deadline for that was 1 Dec. I finished my tests on 28 Nov.

Do you know what do they mean by “start reviewing apps”? I thought they only invite people to sit the test only after they’ve reviewed their profiles and have some interest.

Also, do you mind telling me when were you invited to sit the test and when was the deadline for it?

Thanks for sharing information and relieving anxiety! :slight_smile:


Sorry hope I havent scared you!

I was told they were expecting names of people back from someone/someplace shortly who I guess had reviewed their apps and tests, shortlisted for an assessment day in early December. But if online tests are still on going, then that might have been the first batch.

My deadline was 1 week before yours, had three days in which to take.
How did you find yours??


Thanks a lot nish88.

I thought I did ok, but with these sort of things you never know.

Anyway, good luck with your app and keep me posted.


did anyone applied for Schroders , Greater China program? Any feedback after the video interview?