Schroders Distribution Assessment Centre


Does anyone have any experience of the Schroders AC? Its a full day, but I would be grateful if anyone has any insight into the kind of exercises involved. Here is the info I received from the HR dept:

The format of the day will involve individual interviews, individual & group exercises, lunch and verification of your online tests.



classicsport -

Are you going to the one on Thursday?

If so I’m there.

Can’t find much information about it either, so I guess we’ll all be in the same boat!



Yep Ill be there,

See you tomorrow!


Good luck guys!
i got mine in 2 weeks let me know how it goes


hi Willwors and classicsport. hope everything went well today.

hi nufc_1. I was wondering why is your assessment day 2 weeks after Willwors and classicsport, and which division are you applying for? I’m applying for the China programme but I haven’t heard anything yet since finishing the online test. I’m really anxious at the moment, hopefully you can shed some light.



I was gutted to miss the assessment day today because of the snow. I live in Sussex and couldn’t get a train up to London last night because of the weather; I woke up early this morning to give it another go only to find that every train service was cancelled due to almost a foot of snow overnight. As of this evening there are still no trains.

I would be interested to know what division your assessment day is for in two weeks time as obviously I’m still keen to rearrange some kind of meeting with Schroders having got so far with the application.

Snow is a lot fun when you’re a kid but a pain in the arse come 22!




Sorry to hear about that, they should give you another chance have you spoken to the HR department?
I got an assessment centre in the IT division.


hey classicsport.
I was just wondering if you could give me any tips on the Assessment centre and how you found it?


Hi classicsport
I hope everything went well for your assessment day and that you have got an offer already!
I would also be very grateful if you could share your experiences with us. What is the assessment day composed of? What sort of individual and group exercises are there?
Please help. Look forward to your reply.


Sorry for the delay in responding.

My advice throughout would be:

Do lots of research on Schroders, look at all their business lines. Look at world events and try to understand how these are going to affect Schroders. They have a really good site called Talking Point with some superb analysis from their head economists.
During the interview: If you really want the job, make this clear (I think most people are reluctant to get this across, of course don’t go over the top). That means have some really concise reasons as to 1) Why Schroders 2) Why asset management 3) Why the division/function you have applied.
Make sure you have some good competency questions lined up.
Relax, the guys at Schroders are really top and friendly. They aren’t there to catch you out but to help.

Best of luck


Hey classicsport,
Thanks a lot for the advice, I really appreciate it!
Did you do another psychometric test there? If so, were they similar to the online tests or were they different (and therefore require further preparation)? Were you asked to give a presentation? Using powerpoint?

Hey nufc_1,
Hope your AC went well. Would you please share some of your experiences with us?