Schroder Summer Internship 2011


Hi guys,

I applied for the Schroders internship a while back and completed the tests. But I haven’t received a response regarding the status of my application. I just wanted to know if anybody has been invited for an interview?



I attended an interview about 2 weeks ago but I haven’t heard back from them since. I’m planning to call them soon for an update.


Got a call yesterday saying assessment day next week. but i’ve got exams all week so can’t make it but they said they probably will change it to a short interview so that I will be able to come in after my exams for a while. I’m based in London anyway. Applied for the Finance internship.

dkotecha: Did they get back to u in the end? If yes, could you share what did they ask etc.

Winter: Hey, hope they got back to you. I submitted my application like early Feb and they only phoned me like yesterday which is early May. Oh well, but I’d be grateful if you can shed to the questions they asked during your interview. What did you apply for?