School Leaver Vs Graduate Aptitude Tests

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Does anyone know the difference between a ‘school leaver’ and’ graduate’ test, for numerical and verbal reasoning?

I will be doing Grant Thornton’s PSL School Leavers aptitude tests and do not want to be caught out by an element of surprise.

I am comfortable with graduate aptitude tests having passed KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte, Grant Thornton and Credit Suisse tests for entry in 2008, just don’t want to be caught out with a test which can only be assumed as ‘easier’ !

Many thanks in advance


I’'m not 100% sure on this, and I’ll probably be corrected by other users, but I would have thought the test would be the same, or similar, for both students and for graduates. The difference would be in the percentiles - the “pass” mark would be lower for school leaver candidates than for graduate candidates.

KPMG’s test has a reputation for being the “hardest”. If you passed that, it’s a good sign!


Thank you for your advice Redspurted. I decided to take the numerical test and can confirm that the tests are very similar, so the adjustment of the ‘pass’ mark makes perfect sense.

For those in a similar position, the questions are no more difficult than those on the efinancial careers website. (24 questions in 20 minutes)


How do they compare to the WikiJob tests?!


I found the WikiJob tests slightly more difficult than my actual test although the layout in Wiki Numerical Test 1 was very similar.

The WikiJob tests are really helpful and I would say Test 1 is more suited for SHL and Test 2 for PSL.


That’s really interesting. Do have any suggestions for how we could improve/develop the aptitude test section - are there other tests you would like us to incorporate?

Another good website offering practice aptitude tests is [ this one] - although there is a charge to the tests, they are also professionally constructed and there are thousands of questions.



They generally say you don’t need skills beyond GCSE level to do them so they should be the same

Infact school leavers might have an advantage as it has been less time since they did gcse