The Graduate

I was wondering if anyone could spare a couple of minutes and help me with this:

  • I have done the first level AAT last year, since then, I have enrolled for a degree in Management with Accounting and Finance. I am currently in my first year. Recently I have applied for an AAT training agreement/school leaver route with a mid-tier company and they withdrew my application on the basis that I hold a degree (which I do not) or I am in the process of getting one which is true, apart from the fact that I have 3 years left of my degree(part time).
    They have invited me to apply via the graduate route “if I qualify”. My question to you is, at what point does one qualify for the graduate route? Do I have to be in my final year, finish my degree, at any point during my course? I’m really sorry if I sound dumb:), I’m just very confused.
    I can not afford to waste another 3 years of my time doing a job I will more than likely hate, when I could actually do something I look forward to, get hands on experience and work towards a qualification. I must add I am a mature student (almost 30:/) I’m just trying to take the right step here and make no mistake, which at this stage can cost me dearly.
    I would really appreciate your advice.
    Many thanks!

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You won’t qualify for a graduate role yet, the best thing you can do is to apply for a summer internship and if you get it, chances are that you will be offered a graduate role after completing the internship. For example if you got a summer intership for this summer, you could have a job offer by September. You will then have to complete your degree and obtain a 2:1 and then you will be able to start your job after you have graduated. If your looking to work whilst doing your degree, I doubt you will be able to do that.


Hi GP123, thanks a lot for your swift reply. That’s where my problem lies, I can’t afford not to be working, plus, even if I could, would I want to be 33, with a good pass degree, unemployed and with no actual experience in my field? I would then have to solely rely into getting a job offer from one of the big companies… Prospects which scare the life out of me:)
On the other hand, what I’m tring to achieve here is a good degree and a qualification at the same time. As my uni is part time I think I can juggle all. I have to add, I’m very focused on what I want so no play time for me:) I know it sounds too much, but I can do it. Problem is…where do I start? I think I need career coaching:)
On the other hand, it looks like I might have been better off sticking with the AAT and then try to get into a training agreement.
Erghh, how do I do this?