Santander UK Graduate - Finance programme


I applied to the Finance Program and reached the telephone interview stage. A week or so later which was over a month ago I received this message:

Thank you for your recent participation in your telephone interview for the Finance programme.

Your performance on the telephone interview has met the mimimum benchmark. So well done for getting this far!We will now keep your scores on file until all the other applications have completed their telephone interviews.

Once we have completed the telephone interviews, we will invite the top performing scorers to the assessment centre. Please note that you are not guaranteed a place at the assessment centre at this stage until we have completed all the interviews.

Just wondering has anyone who applied for the finance program got picked for the assessment centre yet?


Hi Henny:
I’m amusing you’ve gone through to the Assessment Centre - any tips on what happened and hope you got picked eventually!


Hey guys,

Can you tell me what questions are asked at the telephone interview please? I would be really greatful!