Santander UK Banking Graduate programme 2016 Telephone Interview

Has anyone had a telephone interview for Santander yet this year? I have mine tomorrow, can anyone help me with the questions they asked?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Martin, I also have one coming up next week, really need help. What did they ask you if you dont mind? Mine is corp and commercial, but usually the questions apart from motivational should be the same?


Questions asked were based on teamwork, drive and determination (had to hit targets ect), and in 5 years time where do u see yourself. Motivation ones did not last long but asked why Santander, what motivated you to apply and why this scheme. Hope that helps,

Hi again,
Thanks for the info, yes it does shed some light. In terms of the “drive/determination/resillience” competency, wat particular question did they ask you and what would you recommend in replying?

P.S have you got through to the assessment centre?

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Hi, did you end up passing the telephone interview?
I’ve been invited for the AC next week, i’m so nervous!

My questions for a telephone interview for a customer service advisor: I thought I didn’t do well, as I hadn’t prepared any answers for these in advance, but maybe they’ll help someone else out. Good luck!

A time when you suspected something was amiss? Fraud etc.
A time when you had a disagreement with a co-worker and how it was resolved?
A time when you exceeded a target? (She went into a lot of further detailed questions about this)
Tell me a bit about yourself?
Why Santander?
Why this specific role at Santander?

We had a roleplay, in which the interviewer was an angry customer who had been waiting for a long time, wanted to know how large a deposit she needed for her mortgage, wanted to find another account at a different bank, was unable to access her internet banking. Basically unhappy about everything. Have a pre-prepared apology sorted and other comments e.g “If you feel your current product is no longer correct for you, I can help you find another product you might prefer. What do you use your account for?”


I have an assessment centre for finance internship at Santander coming up. Can anyone tell me how the day is structured and how it went.