Santander Telephone Interview - Competency Based


I had my telephone interview yesterday and after researching and preparing my self with 21 Q&A’s I managed to answer all questions in full.

They started by asking why I am leaving my current role?

First question I was asked -

What is good customer service? Something like - Good customer service is listening to customer and assessing their needs. Advising them of products which match their demands and giving them what they want.

The rest is all going to have to be answered with your own experiences, if you dont have relevant ones contruct your own but remember what they are looking for and that they will always ask questions like… how did this make you feel? how did the customer react? what was the outcome?

What does good customer service mean too you? -

Give an example of when you have given good customer service? -

How did the customer react too this? -

Second question was -

Give an example when you have had to manage a checkout with consistency at peak time -

How did you deal with this?

What was the outcome?

Third question -

Give an example of a time where you have dealt with a customer complaint?

How did you handle this?

What was the outcome?

Fourth question -

Give an example of when you have failed to meet a target/deadline on time?

What was the outcome?

Fifth Question

Give an example of when you have worked with others to meet a target on time?

How did working as a group work towards meeting the target/aim?

Lastly they asked if there was anything I wanted to ask them? - It is vital you ask a question to seem interested and keen.

Something like, How long till I find out weather I have been successful? or If I am successful what is the next stage?

I was told I would hear back in 2-3 days and half an hour later I had an e-mail to say I had been successful in the Interview and I will be contacted in regards to the next stage.

Good luck all.


Hi everybody! Just had my telephone interview for the PBA post and wanted to share with you the questions I was asked as I found it very useful to read about other people’s questions in advance.

The interview was divided into two parts:

First part was about your background, my grades at University, when did I graduated and then they asked me what I thought from the job description the PBA role would entail.

Second part was about competency based questions including:

  • Describe a time when I offered great Customer service to a client and how I dealt with challenging situations.
  • Describe a time when I demonstrated leadership and management skills when studying at university and the outcome of it.
  • Describe a time when I had contributed with new ideas in order to improve the team performance (and they asked me specifically about the ideas I came up with! so best is to make sure you remember all the details about your team presentatitions and workshops you have attended)
  • They gave me the scenario where a Customer Services Agent colleague did not provide me with the right references with a client, what would I do?
  • Describe a time when I had to make my own decisions and use my own initiative without supervision.

Finally I was given the chance to ask them any questions and I took bodydy’s direct advise on that one so thank you! Their answer was virtually the same… They said 2 or 3 days but allow a whole week.

Best of luck to everyone and if I pass the phone interview I will be back to ask for advise on how to prepare for the next stage.

Good luck to everyone!


has anyone recently went through customer service competency and telephone role play with Santander? Av got one tomorrow morning at 10.15


Thank you Boydy1 for your detailed Q & A for Santander Telephone interview. Some great insight into the customer services dogma being tested. I did notice you spelt whether in the wrong context of weather, so you might want to brush up on your spelling skills before you move forward to the common verbal reasoning tests. So glad to be able to help one another. Keep smiling.


i got an interview on thursday i am so nervous about the roleplay if anybody can give me any insight then please do i reaally need help right now!

cheers everyone