Santander PBA telephone interview


Has anyone had their telephones interview yet? I am aware it is competency based and just wondered if anyone knew what they asked, so I can try and be prepared. Also anyone have an idea on where they are going to be based?


i have one too, anyone else already had it?


hope you found your test well. I would like to know which numerical and verbal reasoning provider does Santander use. Is it SHL?


Hi guys,

tests for Santander UK are SHL type, only the graphics differs, in general not that difficult as people say.

Did anyone have int for Graduate Audit already ? I have it in this soon and would like to know how it looks like, thanks !


hi gomezman…i have a telephone interview for this…plz advice…anything appreciated. thanks.


Does anyone has an idea when the next assessment centre for SATANDER PBA takes place; please.


I just had my telephone interview and are going through to the assessment centre, it was mainly questions like: Why Santander, why the PBA, when have you served a customer with excellence, describe a time you worked in a team, describe a challenge you have been through, how you have helped a customer, what are your goals, why hire you. They will also ask you why you did all these things and what did you learn from the situation.
Quite straightforward very relaxed. I think the next assessment day is in 2 weeks. thats what the lady said to me.


Had a telephone interview this morning, the questions fairly similar to those mentioned above (& on the other forum) they were:
why Santander? why personal banking? what are your goals, next 4 / 5 years?
Competency - describe a time when you … worked well in a team; delivered excellent customer service; something about ‘took specific action - to ensure you met your target & objectives’ & finally ‘remained positive, through a challenging time.’
I think maybe the first few Q’s tend to be the same but they have a few different ones which they choose for the comepetencies.
Good luck everyone!




Can anyone help me please??

Does anyone have an idea of when the next assessment centre for the PBA role is?? And those who attended the one yesterday 13th, how did it go? thanks