Santander Operations Graduate Assessment Day



Does anyone have the Operations Graduate Assessment Day upcoming? Mine is on 15th March (but clashes with an exam), so looking to change to 22nd March.
Or has anyone had a Santander Assessment Day and know what it involves?



Hi Nish,

I have just been informed that I will have a telephone interview next Monday for Operations. Would you be so kind and share your experience from yours so that I can prepare for it accordingly.

Thank you very much in advance!




General competancy questions: Why santander, why operations, time where you worked in team etc? Find examples for each competency.
Won’t last too long, about 25mins total, and she will spend a lot of time talking at beginning.


Thank you Nish


Did any of you attend the A/C ; can you please let me know the type of tests, questions etc. Thanks


You will have a numeracy reasoning test 20 ques in 20 mins . You will then have a presentation that you need to do in which you could be asked potential questions on the costs faced by santander in its strategies, its competitors (what are there costs). Be confident, speak clearly and coherently and be prepared to be challenged in your presentation. A group discussion will last 30 mins - you need to display good team player skills such as listening without interrupting, making valid points that take the project further, engaging team members, you need to think strategic in this discussion. Then an interview- be diverse in your answers relate to your diff work experience. Discuss your leadership and strategic experience. Hope that helps.


Hi Emil and Nish,

I have a santander phone interview on wednesday for operations…

I’ve covered the areas nish mentioned above… Is there anything else you could help me with?

Thanks a lot!



Could you please share more details concerning the presentation and the group exercise? For example, what kind of information do they provide you with in order to structure the presentation? Do you make the presentation alone or in collaboration with others? Concerning the group exercise what kind of issues did you discuss with the others?

thanks in advance!!