Santander online tests


Anyone know what programme Santander use for their numerical and verbal tests?


I think they were PSL, you were able to go back through them after you’d answered and the question list was on a bar on the right hand side.


hey guys, any joy with the online tests? i have mine to do soon, and was just wondering whether they are pretty standard and simlar to others?


Standard PSL, however it is worthwhile noting that if you meet the initial benchmark, it does not guarantee an 1st round interview. So obviously you will want to get as high as score as possible to increase your chances of getting an interview.


Hi guys, I got through to the telephone interview has anyone else?


For the finance program that is…


same as, altho no interview slots are up yet. At least for me that is.


yea my slots are blank as well, do you have any idea what competencies santander will test?


Prob standard things such as leadership, teamwork communication, persuasion etc
And then the standard why Santander, why finance, recent news blah blah blah

This is me guessing but most 1st rounds I’ve had, focus on all the above.


Henny did you make it through to the Finance AC? Mine is next week.


can anyone tell a website to do some practice plz.


Hi, for practice tests specifically for Santander visit here:

I found it useful!


hi, anyone has to do the santander numerical test by the next 3 days??? any suggestions to solve the unswears??


Hi guys/girls

im currently applying to the global banking and markets scheme but have no idea were to find the core activities for this or any other scheme. Can anyone help?




Hi Guys

How long after the numerical test do you receive the invitation to the verbal tests?



For the REAL santander test questions, go to


Anyone has any examples of Santander aptitude test please :slight_smile: