Santander Marketing Final AC 2014



Hi guys,

I thought i’d give back to the Wiki-community seeing as its helped me a lot over the year. I had the santander marketing AC a few weeks ago. It was in their head office in Milton Keynes, nice area.

First thing is, if you are driving there like I was it may be a good idea to find parking away from the head office car park as you are only able to pay for parking at 9am which is when the AC begins (bit stressful sorting out my parking when the lady from santander is talking about the AC).

After meeting the other candidates in the lobby, you are taken to a meeting room which is where most of the day is spent. Some recent graduates on the marketing programme introduce Santander and discuss their roles. You are then given your schedule for the day. 4 tasks: Group task, Individual Presentation, Interview and numerical test, the group task will be first but the other two are dependent on your individual schedule.

Group task involved looking at a fictional bank whereby you need to discuss the strengths of the banks teller line but more importantly, areas for improvement and why, using the data they provide on individual staff. The discussion is assessed and then the assessors ask questions on the groups outcome. I think the final decision the group makes isnt all that important here, its more important to get your view across clearly whilst considering other peoples suggestions. One of the good things Santander do is that they have one assessor per person in the group so its a little easier to show your contribution.

Next task was individual presentation. Discuss the three most important factors which customers will look for in a retail bank in 2020 (something along those lines). Prior to the AC you are asked to do some background research on the UK banking industry and Santander UK, so this is where it comes into use - make sure you can easily refer to your research. 30 mins prep time and around 45 mins presenting and answering questions. The assessor questioning me really knew his stuff about the industry and competitors so make sure you back up your points with evidence. One curve ball he threw at me was “what if i told you all the information and data you just presented me with was too simplistic and lacked detail”. Keep your cool under pressure and you will be fine.

Then it was the individual interview where I had three assessors. Competency based, nothing too taxing although i struggled with one question involving a time i had considered the current business and economic climate in a decision i made. Assessors were very friendly and engaging in the conversation.

Then i came back and did the numerical test which was an SHL test. Quality not quantity, i didnt finish the test. (note that they ask you to use their calculator rather than their own so maybe practice with a non-scientific calculator).

Overall the day was a good experience. Santander seems like a good company to work for, the staff were very friendly and helped to make it less of a stressful process. 9am - 1:30pm so a very packed day. You finish one task and immediately move to the next - no time to worry/stress.

They contacted me a day or two after the AC and offered me the job which I was happy to accept. If you have any questions, post em here. Good Luck!
Anyone else get the job for sep intake?


Thanks for the info! I have a marketing internship AC coming next week. I’m wondering what competency questions did they ask you in the individual interview? And what advice do you have for preparing for its group task?