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hi jade well the interview went good i did feel nervous when they asked questions and the lady who interviewed me wasnt very nice so she didnt bother to repeat any questions but i got through i didnt know if i was gona go through it or make it to the face to face interview as i personally thought i didnt do well…i will keep u updated my face to face interview is delayed now coz they had too many applications apparently but good luck though and let me no how it went and what exactly happend!

@ladyteresa :

thanks teresa ur comments helpd a lot even thou i havnt applied for the same position ctiobut atleast il know what wil be expected…can u also tell us what happend before the scenario as in did they ask any other questions or took a numeracy test or something…


Hi everyone,
I jus wanted to share my experience as while applying, some posts really helped me and i’d also like to help someone

For my telephone interview i was asked questions on

  1. A time i worked in a team, what we did and the outcome?
  2. A time i delivered great customer service, what i did and the outcome?
  3. A time i worked towards a target/deadline, what i did and the outcome?
  4. A time i built rapport/ maintained a network, what i did and the outcome?

The person i spoke to was very friendly, there are moments of silence but this is due to the fact they are writing up your answers.
Advice for telephone interviews include stand up for the interview, wear a suit to put you in the right mind frame and smile throughout.
After that i was informed i was successful within 24hours, i then recieved an amail that my application had been sent to a recruiting manager for review.
After around 3 weeks i recieved a call for a face to face interview

The face to face interview is very relaxed it starts of with a basic maths test that you need to pass the questions are not difficult its mainly percentages of a number (worked out by dividing it by 100 and multiplying that number by the requested percentage). Or adding and subtraction questions, very basic most candidates pass.

Second came the competancy based interview, similar to the telephone interview, it included questions on teamwork and customer service so have examples for both, also a time you worked under pressure and how you minimise risk in the workplace the interviewer explains each question and probes you for more info if need be. They also ask why santander as opposed to other banks (so be prepared for this i wasnt!!)
The last section was the role play which is a scenario between you and a customer, ensure you refer the customer to the personal banker and try get an appointment booked with the personal banker. It may also help here to adress the customer by thier name (although not 1st name mr or mrs x).

Lastly i will include a list of questions that regularly come up, it is good to have answers prepared as althogh ur exact qestion may not come up, you can tailor your answers to other similar questions. Try to think of original examples not just the usual suspect coursework answers, or example teaching someone a new language, learning a new language, living abroad etc

Tell me about yourself
Why Santander?
How do you think your skills can fit into santander?
What is your idea of excellent customer service?
When have you delivered excellent customer service?
A time when you’ve had to deal with a customer complaint? How did you deal with it?
A time when you’ve had to manage a busy queue and how you did it?
Describe a time when you didn’t meet your target
What do you do when you don’t meet your target
when have you worked as part of a team to meet a particular target?

I also saw this information on a post that was particularly helpful
‘you have to really know so many things about santander, they will ask you about what you know about them, why do you want to work for them, what made you choose this specific role not something else, they will ask you about your previous roles, when you met expectations and where u didnt and how did you deal with the situation, give examples with everything you mention as they like to know you have a lot of experience, if you are not a graduate and joining because you have experience dont mention you want to learn there mention that you take new information quickly on board and link it with your actual experience!’

On a closing note don’t be scared to go into branches and ask people who already work there about the role, listen to thier opening lines at the till as this will all benefit you!


Hi, Hako 229, my experience was slightly different to yours, my telephone interview was great, I think i was very lucky in who i was speaking to, he was so helpful, he put me at ease straight away. Within a couple of days I was asked to attend the face to face interview where there were all the questions asked the same as the telephone interview but put slightly different, again i did my research on here plus a bit of my own,

I was asked
“What would I do in a situation where you as a new person had to approach a lady who had worked on the counters for years and was know to be difficult, was giving you bad leads and sending people to you with no value” which threw me a bit.

“Explain a situation where you have lead a team”

“How did you overcome a major problem and what did you learn from the experience”

Plus other questions that are in this thread, I am really sorry I can’t remember them all,

I was not asked any maths questions at all, thank goodness, I have a lot of bank experience so perhaps they thought it was irrelevant.

I have heard back now and I have been told that “at the moment I am not suitable for the personal banking position (This was my role play mess up i think), however if i had been trying for a customer advisor I would have got the job as this is where my skills lie”. So I have been put in a database for a position for this role as soon as one becomes available in my area.

All in all I would say this was a positive experience, this forum has helped me so much in structuring my interview, but not quite enough for what I wanted as i couldnt find any help on the role play, so I hope my comments help.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your interview, please let me know how you get on. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone i had to change my name as i could not remember my login details for my other name so i’m the same person as JustWantToHelp any questions pls ask


Hey All just wanted to impart some useful information about the face-to-face interview. My one started with 35 numeracy accuracy questions. So that’s literally matching a set of numbers to the correct match provided amongst a group of closely matching figures. I.e match YUTOP to its matching pair.

Next came 10 maths questions dealing with typical bank like situations, e.g. so a customer has a mortgage of £45,000 and has to pay it in 36 equal instalments how much would each be? What is 1 third of 46?..

Then I had a role play where a customer was paying in money to his account. From reading the information pack given to me and checking his details I had to discuss various parts of his account while trying to encourage him to book a future appointment with a personal banker, but I think each scenario is randomly chosen.

Hope this provides enough info on what the general atmosphere is like.


Hey Guys and girls i seriously need help i have got an interview on thursday at the assesment centre will any body would share their experience with me :slight_smile:


Hi guys
Thought I should share my face to face interview experience with you as alot of the posts really helped me prepare. It was for a customer service role, and it started with a maths test. I had 10mins to do about 60 questions, and the first section was matching a particular set of nos with its identical answer. the second questions was basic maths, such as percentages, addition and subtraction and dividing. It was pretty easy but some of the questions were not so straightforward so its important to pause and think, as you have to score a 100% in the test to be considered for the role. I didnt have a role play though, God was on my side, cos I knew i wasnt very confident about, so im really happy. Then we had a competency interview which was pretty much: why santander, why does santander stand out to you, why customer service, what can you bring to the role, and then other questions you have to give examples such as teamwork, difficult customer, motivation and influence. It was a good interview and the woman was lovely, but confidence is key and its important to be yourself as the whole point of the interview is to get to know the real you.hope this helps someone


Hey Guys,

I just went through the Application process for a job as a ‘Personal Banking Advisor’ with Santander. I figure that seen as this thread helped me quite a bit I should post my experiences to pass on the proverbial torch. ( I’ll Check this thread semi regularly so any detailed questions feel free to ask and i’ll try and help) I’m sure my application is different from others but I guess there all pretty similar.

I’m sure if your reading this you’ve already applied and probably have a telephone interview etc. The telephone interview was pretty Basic, only Competency based so I wouldn’t worry about learning too much about the ins and outs of the company. They asked me 5 questions I think.
1)Example of when I delivered Excellent Customer Service.
2)Example of when I worked as part of a team
3)Example of How i’ve worked to targets
4)Example of when i’ve shown initiative in the workplace
5)Example of How i’ve had to deliver to a Deadline

That was kinda it. They didnt even really ask Why Santander? or Why a PBA? If you prepare some answers and generally sound enthusiastic I think you’ll get to the next stage. (I was kinda lucky though as the women interviewing me was really lovely. Some can be horrible) After the interview I asked about how long the application process takes and that was kinda it. They called me within about 2 hours and offered me a face to face interview. I think if you get an email its probably bad news. But again thats just my impression.

I’ll post a full run through of both my Face to face interviews shortly :slight_smile: Good Luck!!


Please I need help. I have an interview coming up next week for the Customer Service Adviser position. On the mail sent to me, the interview will consist of some competencies question and role . Can any one help please


Hey Guys,
I really need your help. I have applied for CSA and I will have my telephone interview next week, can anyone tell me what questions they ask? I am very nervous about it…

Please pleaseee help me

Thank you



Hi Guys…
I have recently been offered a job with Santander for the position of CSA. I would like to share the questions asked in the interview and my experience with Santander.
Questions for telephonic interview
Tell me a time when you served a customer with excellence
Tell me a time you ve delivered exceptional customer service to an unhappy customer
Prepare an example on team work and your contribution to the team
Prepare an example on a how did you achieve your target in your previous jobs.
Face to face interview… This interview consist of three rounds i.e Competency test, Santander research and role play. You might also have a numeric test. I didnt have any numeric test. My interview took almost 2 hours. Both the interviewers were professional and friendly at the same time. It helped me boost my confidence. It was more of a 2 way conversation rather than just a question answer round. Answer all questions using STAR technique and to the point.
Competency Test
The above three questions were asked in face to face interview as well and beside that the following questions were asked.
Tell me about yourself
Tell me a time when you had a conflict with your work colleague and did you deal with it.
How do you organize your work

Santander history and product information
What do you know about Santander
What do you think about Santander products
Why do you want to work for Santander
(Tell them how you researched on Santander products Example you visited the Santander branch, compared the products on money super market etc)

Role Play
You will be given a customer bank statement to review for 10 mins and then youll have to role play a banking adviser and the interviewer will be the customer who is come for a financial review of her account. Read all information carefully and concentrate on what is asked in the role play sheet. Remember they are not testing you on your product knowledge. They are testing you on how accurately you provide info, on your eye for detail and how you build up conversation with the customer. You ll also have to cross sell a loan or a product to the customer. If the customer is not interested in loan at that point of time but shows bit of interest in the near future, confirm all customer details and arrange for a callback according to the customers convenience.
I hope this blog will help many of you to clear your telephonic and face to face interview.



thanx Divya… i have got a face o face interview on friday and im really nervous. im not confident enough. do u have sample answers in which i can read through to get a better understanding. thanx x


Hi Mate I have interview and could do with your help I know its been like 3 years since youve been Last Asked A Question But Would Be Grateful If you could help



Thanks divya Star For That’ Did You Get The Job?


hey guys, can someone give me any tips on telephone interview. am having an interview with santander. Customer Services Advisor in three day time.


thank you some much i feel much better now. hope to see ya in da future as my colleague. wish me lucky buddy.


Has anyone applied for Customer Relationship Manager position in telephone distribution? It says online scenario questions followed by telephone interview, face to face interview or selection centre…any help here appreciated. No idea what to expect at either stage?


hello everyone,
i got face to face interview with Santander , can someone be kind to give me some heads up about the interview


How was the face to face interview, and what can you tell me about the phone interview?


Hi everyone. I know it’s been years since the last post, but I went for a CSA interview today and wanted to tell future applicants of my experience. First of all, all the info that others have posted is exactly the same and still relevant in 2018.

My phone interview had 5 questions and I found out at the end of the call that I’d passed it:

Why Santander?
Give an example of when you provided excellent customer service.
Give an example of when you went above and beyond for a customer.
How would you know that a customer had experienced good customer service?
Describe a time when you had to complete a challenging task to a tight deadline.

Then I had my face to face interview today (a week later):

First I had a nice intro by one of the managers who told our group of 10 applicants a bit about Santander and how they can benefit us if we are hired - this was good because we were able to relax a bit and lose a bit of our nervousness.

Then we did our roleplay. I found it actually a really good experience. You have all the information that you need and plenty of time to read it and make notes of what you want to ask the “customer”.
The customer has a predetermined issue that you have to help them with and you have a list of all the things that you need to ask them about to do that (e.g. in my example, the postcode, mobile no. and email address were missing so I had to ask about those). I wasn’t timed so I was allowed to take my time and think about what I wanted to say.

Then we had the maths test. It really is basic maths and the manager was even helping those who were struggling, understand what they had to do. We had 15mins to do 10 basic maths problems and 40 data accuracy questions - these were really quick and easy, and I ended up finishing a few minutes early, so they’re nothing to stress about.

Then we had our actual interview and they went through some general info about shift patterns, working hours and my availability, then they asked me to quickly go through my CV and my roles/education to date. Then they asked me these questions:

Why Santander?
where do you see yourself in 12 months?

Give an example of when you had to make a difficult decision in a challenging situation.
Give an example of when you had to complete a task with a tight deadline.
Give an example of when you gave excellent customer service.

That’s it. The whole thing took about 3 hours because of the intro at the beginning, but the time flew by. If you prepare for all the questions on this thread then you’ll be absolutely fine in the actual interview part of the assessment day.

Good luck!

Edit: Santander rang me the next day and offered me the job! :smile: