Santander Interview & Role Plays



the maths test was like a GCSE paper, a mini sentence eg. Mr. A has a mortgage at 678.00 per month, he’s been told if he re-motgages he’ll get a 15% discount, how much will his new payments be?

and then you just write the answer, but there a calculator to use for every question so its really easy, and i think it checks you know how to use a calculator properly.

another eg is Ms. T wants to with draw £509. she wants 1=£100 note 3=50’s and the rest however as long as she gets £10 in 1 pound coins… and you fill in lines next to each figure. thats it.


Hey everyone. Hope all is well.

This board has gone slightly quiet so I just wanted to know if everyone’s interviews went ok.

Cool guy, nail biting times, hutchie 23 did your interviews go well?

Mine is on Thursday and the suspense is killiiiiing meee!!

I’m nervous yet confident (if they are even compatiable). :-s


Geewiz mine was ok was,nt too bad still waitin 4 results. It was bunch of Q’s they asked me and the most tough role play…lets see wat happen ,by da way gud luk 2 u for ur upcoming interview…


I have been waiting for a response about weather i got the job or not, the waiting is 7-to-10 days so i started counting from yesterday as it was bank holiday before that.

Good luck with your interview@Geewizz let us know how it went.


can u please tell about the questions asked in the telephone interview…it would be a great help…thanks a lot


Has anyone recently attended the assessment centre(or face to face interview & role play)?Could you let me know the kind of questions they ask…if possible specific questions and what happens in the role play?I have mine coming soon…any help from you guys will help.


I have my telephone interview in 2 days can you tell me some of the questions they asked you if you remember . Thank you


hii guys has anyone had a competency interview with santander in the past few weeks, just wondering because i have one tomorrow and would like to know what q"s they ask you??

thanks for ur help guys x


Can anyone please help with any information about the role play exercise for Santander PBA.



Abkash , it could b anything u never know what they gonna ask you but it will b any type of product they sell and you will be given some papers to read the scenerio for 15 mins and then you have to perform it with managers. lets say a customer want to open saving account and you will be given all the customer info and then you have to analyse the data that what and how you can offer the account to customer and save them money–gud luck


Hey all,

I know I was supposed to update you on my interview but I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t really used the computer much.

Erm… it was ok (I think) but I was ever so nervous so a few of my responses were limited and I never actually managed to express as much as I wanted to. The role play was nerve racking because I had to cash a cheque for a customer who was already in a hurry and not really interested in what I had to say.

@ nail biting times I never had a maths test though :-s I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

I was told it would take 7-10 working days to receive a reply and today has made it 10 days sooooo I slightly get the message. However, I had rung up to see whether a decision had been made but no body has been able to tell me. No one ever answers the number I was given to ring and find out. I’ve left a voicemail message but still no reply :frowning:

Anyways I hope the rest of you were successful and if you haven’t had your interview yet then good luck. Do let us know how it went :wink:


hey guys was just wondering what questions they asked in the interview - about sales or service? Any help would be greatly appreciated, interview in 2 days thanks


What role did you apply for? Customer Service Advisor, PBA or any other?


It was a PBA role .


Oohh! I can’t tell you because I haven’t had an interview for that role. Mine was for a Customer Service Advisor role. However, a link that may be useful for you is below. I came across it while trying to understand how the application process works. When reading the posts, it seemed as though a lot of people had gone for the PBA role so it should be useful for you. I will warn you now however that there are MAAAANNNY replies.

Otherwise, I wish you all the best with your upcoming interview :wink:


Hiya Guys … you guys have been a big help I got a telephone interview for CSA … GeeWizz what were your questions like? any trickly ones? H*


Hi geewizz,
hope you made it…

Could you plz give any tips on role play…how u handled your roleplay…?


Hi, Guys i just wanted to thank all of you on here for all your comments, I had my Telephone Interview for a Personal Banking Advisor last Monday which I was overly prepared for, I took ALL your comments about the questions asked and wrote down how my situation joined that as I think it is random with regards to the questions they ask you. I sailed through the interview and was thanked for preparing for it.

I then had a face to face interview on Friday, the interview itself was good, I was very nervous but I think i did very well, BUT then came the ROLE PLAY, I don’t want to scare anybody but I found this the hardest part as I seemed to be tripped up on everything I said. I have thought about this all weekend and thought somebody may benefit from my mistakes.
They will give you a scenario to work through and give you 20 mins to study it. I completely lost my concentration trying to read too much information into it. I would advise you to write on the task sheet they give you a STRUCTURED meeting whatever the scenario is. i.e.

  1. ASK for ID, (very important this is the first question), then explain you have a few questions for them before you can look at their scenario.
  2. any questions regarding their account (overdrawn etc),
  3. who do they hold their mortgage with (you are then collecting information for the mortgage adviser to pass on).
  4. only then ask them about the scenario as you have covered all the basics. (Mine was for a loan which I did fine it was just the rest of the points I missed).

This way you have had all the points you need to at least pass the Role Play if you follow what you have written, even if the actual scenario goes a little wrong.

I hope this helps, I will find out later this week if I have the job, however I am doubtful purely because of the roleplay, I was thanked at the end for being prepared, but i really was rubbish at is, I am so annoyed at myself, but fingers crossed.

Lady Teresa


hi guys…

lovely to see all ur comments i applied for a CSA position and finally got my face to face interview next week…can someone advise on what they ask and what the interview consists of pls…

il b waitin…


Hey hako229,

Would appreciate if you could kindly post your experience after your interview as I also have a face to face interview coming up for the same position.

Thanks a lot & wish you all the best in your interview.