Santander Interview & Role Plays



how did you do at your face to face interview? have you had it yet? what happened?


Has anyone been to a face to face interview yet for the CSA role? I was wondering what questions they asked, if they were any different to the telephone interview, and what the role play involved? thanks in advance

i know i been messaging like mad this afternoon, i’m getting anxious, and trying to decide whether to go trouser or skirt suit. i’m female by the way, lol… i’m assuming u all a male. so no point asking what shirt colour to wear. lol


@ nail biting, I wish you very best of luck for your face to face interview tomorrow. Yes i have mines on this friday so still on my way. Just relax dont get anxious cause u r lucky that ur application is processed very fast. Don forget to tell what happen in interview and what was your role play and what q’s they asked…Gud luck


i will give you an update tomorrow. thanks, @ cool guy

i wish there was someone on here who’s had theres already as the tips and advice would really take the edge off. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone…

Oh where do I start? As you know I received a phone call but missed it due to being at work. I managed to speak to them this morning and have arranged an interview for next Thursday.

@nail biting times and cool guy I wish you the very best of luck for your interviews.

@ TOMI, I’m sorry to hear that you never got through. However, just know that when one door closes another one opens! And it is certainly not the end of the world, there may be a better opportunity out there for you.

@nail biting times I’m also female HAHA (you wouldn’t have guessed because of the unusual choice for a username). It was just the best spontaneous thing I could think of as I did not want to use my real name.

Also, I know it’s late to reply as you may have already bought your suit but I’m going for the matching trousers and blazer tailored look. I currently work at next so I’ll buy one from there. Regarding a top, I guess it’s up to what you feel comfortable in but of course it would make sense for it to be formal and to tie in with the style of your suit.

Once again I wish you all the best.


@ Geewizz, Thank you. I have a white shirt with black stripes but i’m going for a plain white shirt as i feel thats more corporate. I wanted to go to next to get a suit, but i’m just going to work with what I got, which is a black suit jacket and black trousers, and a pair of black pointy toe heels. and i’m still debating with the hair up or down. i’ll do a trial run on hair and neutral makeup tonight, want to get it just right.

lol, i agree with the reason for name choice, mine was random too, i dont even bite my nails. lol. but the feeling of this whole process makes me think many people would waiting in anticipation, so i thought i was a good choice.

by the way, next have a lush suit in the new catalogue which i would love to have for tomorrow, but unfortunately i don’t have £85 lurking randomly at such short notice. may get it anyway after tomorrow just to have.


I have 2 jackets, one short one with 1 button sits at top of hip below the waist, and 1 long one with 3 buttons which sits at top of thigh, i’m going to wear the longer one.


@ Nail Biting Times yeah I know what you mean about the prices of the suits at next lol. I said the same thing ‘if only I had that money to burn on such short notice’

I really do wish I get the post after all the stressing, long process, anticipation and sleepless nights.

Well at least I have over a week so I have no reason not to be well prepared.

Hope 2moro goes well for you. Let me know how it all went. Good luck once again :wink:


Hey guys, i am shattered after my interview today… don’t know where to start, i think i did ok. though i did well up a bit at the end during the role play. because i got angry with myself for getting a brain block. i paniced at 1 point.

the interview lasted 3hours and 45mins. (i know, right??) killer, and the whole thing was one on one, no one else was there, just me the manager and someone taking notes of what i was saying. i did a basic maths test which i got 100%, yay me! was %'s then i got the competency interview, based around customerservice. all the questions i had prepared turned out the be useless because in the moment they do asked for something specific based on your background. focused around you as an individual.

the i had the getting to know you section, wanting to know about me and what i can offer, what makes me tick etc. the usual suspects of questions.

honestly i’m on brain freeze now, so i cant go into detail too much tonight, but boy, am i glad its over. what a day. on a good note the manager was really nice as a personality even during his serious moments.

told me i’ll get feedback next week. whether i get it or not, they’ll give me feedback. so just awaiting that all important call. :slight_smile:


hi nail biting don worry you will get it just relax. and around 4 hours is insane its too long but hope you did well and yes please state what Questions they asked you and briefly tell me that what exactly they asked you in role play… and also you will get a phone call around 7-10 workind days…



I have my face to face interview tomorrow would appreciate any help or advice you could share with me on your interview



Hi Guys

I have just been informed I have a face to face interview, competency based tomorrow morning. Really would appreciate any help you could share with me on this pleaseeeeeeee.

Many Thanks


Hi hutchie23

I’m yet to have my interview so I can’t give any advice but just in case you don’t get any before tomorrow then I wish you the best of luck.

It will most probably be like the telephone interview but I’m not too sure as I have not been yet.



Could you give me any info regarding the face to face interview with santander. Please as my interview is tomorrow


I know nothing besides what I was told in the email. Did you receive the email of interview confirmation?


Yeah I got the email


hi guys, cool guy, the role play was a complete and utter mess, they gave me the assessor sheet instead of the candidate sheet.

they took phone calls during my session, went out to cash up all sorts, i was getting quite annoyed, yet faking a smile just to get through.

um, as for the actual role play itself it was a scenario. i was serving a customer at the desk paying in a cheque they were just an irrate customer and i had to try and get them to make an appointment to open a savings account. i just was engaging in convo and trying to slip in my sales speak in the convo, but they were trying to be a customer who was soo rude they didnt want to know. by then i got a brain freeze and well-ed up with tears coz i felt so stupid i couldnt remember what i was going to say next.

as they printed the scenario while i was in there, i’d assume every scenario is different.

I’m really thinking whether i actually want the role now, coz when i realised the salary is pro-rata, I realised that the actual pay for me will be half of whats advertised. but we’ll see.


@hutchie23, hey, I had my interview yesterday, it was one to one, no one else was there, went on for over 3 hours. i did a basic maths test with percentages, and if you don’t get them all right they won’t interview you, thats what i was told by the manager because they see that as i financial risk.

them i had a getting to know you questions session, just wantin to know about you as a person. general life stuff, your background.

then they did the competency questioning, which is like the telephone interview, just need to prepare to elaborate on previous answerss you gave. then the role play, which i mention what happened in the message above.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Do you have msn prob better to chat over that. Mine is


@ nail biting thax very much for info,it would be fabulous if u could tell me that what sort of Q,s they asked u in maths test, cheers and hutchie gud luck to you