Santander Interview & Role Plays



Hey guys…

I have a formal interview tomorrow with Santander for the PBA, I am confident enough on the interview questions but I am really nervous as they told me it would consist of some role plays too…

Can anyone give me some examples of the standard interview questions that are asked just so I know I am on the right track.

But more importantly can anyone give me examples of role plays that I could be asked to take part in…? I am really nervous about this part and have been on the net looking all weekend trying to prepare…

Please Someone HELP :-/

Thanks in Advance


Hi every one i am going for the final face 2 face interview for the customer service advisor role. I have done all intial stages so this is the last one so any one have any idea what kind of role play it will be. Because i am confused with the role play section and want to pass it.PLEASE CAN U GIVE AN EXAPMLE OF ROLE PLAY AS WELL… please help as ihave my interview in coming days. Thanks in advance


Hello all,

I have a phone inteview with Santander, can anyone please help with what i need to be prepared and expect in the interview?

Please do post as soon as possible, any ifor u might have…

Thank You



hi, i wanted to ask when did you have your telephone interview and how long did it take before you were informed you’d been short-listed for the face to face interview? thanks in advance


HI Nail,

I applied sometimes this year, early on the year it has taken such a long time that it actually shocked me when i received the invitation to take part… It was 30min Interview, will let u know of the outcome…


i passed my telephone interview but now i am waiting to hear whether I’ve been short listed for next stage, said it would take 4 to 6 weeks.


i passed on tuesday. so its been 2days waiting so far, i’m so anxious@Tomi.


Hey nail biting times. Just to let you know that I’m in exactly the same position as you.

Had my phone interview two days ago and passed and received an email saying my details will be passed onto a Recruitment Manager for shortlisting.

I’m trying to be positive as well as patient because they did say it can take up tp 4-6 weeks for a reply soooooo fingers crossed.


Hey cool guy… Just a quick question. Is it possible for you to please let me know how long it took for them to get back to you regarding a face to face interview from when you had your phone interview? I’d be very grateful if you could please inform me.

Thank you


After my telephone interview it took around a month to get to the final interview…but i heard it may take long depending on which area and position you applied…gud luck


lol. my fingers and toes are crossed. i hope i get through. what position did you apply for@ geeWizz.


wow a month? i will have probably forgotten about it by then. i dont even remember what they asked me everything happened so fast its all a blur, lol. but all i know is i did got to get through stage 1, so thats a step in the right direction, good luck everyone!


well guys, I had a very late telephone call yesterday evening inviting me to a face to face interview, via voicemail. but they were closed by the time I got it. now its saturday and i’ve tried calling i don’t know if their open. but I got to find out details of where to go and what time as its this tuesday. I don’t know what to expect.


I applied for the Customer Service Adviser position.

Good news… I received a phone call yesterday HOWEVER, due to me being at work, I missed the call :frowning: so I listened to the voicemail message.

I have tried contacting back but I’m guessing the lines are not open until Monday. So at 8.30am SHARP I will be on that phone trying to confirm my attendance for the interview.

Nail biting times I hope u manage to get through and good luck with your interview on Tuesday.


Geewizz, it seems we went through the same thing. I missed their call also. and been trying to call them today, my bill is so high after all these calls. I’ll be calling first thing monday as well. you applying for the same position as me, good luck to you to.

I have no idea what to expect at this stage. is this the AC stage with role plays or just a box standard face to face in the branch you’re applying to. any one done this bit yet and got any advice tip on what to expect? would be much appreciated.


I’m guessing it’s a face to face interview (well based on what the voice message said). But I’m not certain cause I haven’t been. Maybe cool guy can tell us.

Yes my phone bill has gone high as well but hey I guess it’s worth it.


Welldone mate, very good news… Wish you all the best for the rest of process… I unfortunately failed it, and am not sure why… Two questions they asked me i just made something up as i did not know anything,… Will apply again and see what happens…

All the best @ Nail


@Geewiz if you have passed your telephone interview and then you have recived a call it means it is a Face to face interview … so start preparing yourself now and wish u guys all gud luck@ nail bite have you applied for CSA and tuesday is your Face to face interview? is it correct


@ Tomi, Sorry to hear your news. well best of luck for you next application.


@ Cool guy, i have applied for the CSA position as well. yes i just spoke with the bank this morning and they confirmed my face to face interview tomorrow afternoon.

They only took 2 days to get back to me with the face to face invite. and i’m in london, i guess the turn over of interviews is thick and fast down here.

I have to go to the branch for the interview, so no Assessment Centre involved, but i was told its going to be competency based and role play lasting about 1hour 45minutes.