Santander Internal Audit Grad Scheme 2010


Has anyone been invited for the assessment centre for the Internal audit scheme?

Would like to know as I havent been yet, and its scheduled for 24th march i think.



HI monty

i have a telephone interview coming up real soon. i take it that you passed yours. any tips on what questions they might ask?


Hey Monty!

I’m in the same position as everex! Got my phone interview tomorrow. Been using the main Santandaer telephone interview thread to prepare but have you got any more specific tips?

Does anyone know how many grads they take on for internal audit?

Any help would be fantastic!


Hi! Yeah, they r looking for only 7 grads. Btw, application deadline was a delayed because Santander wanted poeple from Cass Business School…nice competiton :stuck_out_tongue:
I have my interview 30th march…good luck, and dont forget to post here your experience!


Thanks Kain!

I was told there is an assessment centre next week but if you have had your interview this week, it’s too late to be considered for it. So there is another one at the end of April.
How do you know about Cass? To be honest it doesn’t make a difference, academic’s don’t help at all when faced with a competency based interview, its about experiences!

As for tips, I used the other thread to prepare and all of my questions are mentioned in there. But possibly only 4 or 5 questions in the whole interview after why Santanmder and IA.

Unfortunately, I’m not expecting to get through! Not the best interview I’ve had!

Good luck to everyone!!


I got through the telephone inteview, look at the santander telephone interview thread, thats what i used, didnt get any questions that were not on there,

Why Santander , Why Audit, etc and the others listed, dont really want to go further dont really think its fair on those who have completed it, becuase everyone is ranked and then the top progressed.

One key tip is they ask ’ What motivated you’ as a follow up question to your responses.

Got the invite for the assessment centre on the 24th, something to do with 'the line manager reviewing CV’s being the delay.


I am from Cass :-p

I wonder how they r going to evaluate who passed tel. int. and who failed - My estimate is that like half of people will be prepared. and half of people cannot be invited to a.c.

Do u have any idea what r their criteria???

Btw, another inside information - there are only 50-60 applicants to one place in IA. thats not bad… in comparison with investment banking…


Hey Kain,

Think it will be much easier to get an offer compared to investment banking!!

Their criteria will just be fairly standard, try and tailor yourself to the role and a good general team player with problem solving skills and that will be it.

I think they will have a benchmark for communication skills from the telephone and to see if you answered the questions clearly and then these people will probably be ranked according to the test socres rather than experiences. A bit unfair but its a harsh world and they just have to get the numbers down. Think they said only 8 people will be invited to the AC in april.

Good luck anyway!!



8 people to AC, that is a good information. we know that they r looking for 7grads, so the question is how many places they want to fill from this last AC. do u know how many rounds they did? I know only about AC on 24th…


Sorry Kain I don’t know anything else and had my rejection email today (as expected tbh)!

Good luck with your interview, hopefully AC and job though!

Good luck everyone!!!



has anybody attended the AC for Internal Audit yet? If so any information on the day would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks x


Yes, please, would be great to hear about the AC,
My application was put on hold till the outcomes of the first AC.


Morning all!

I thought I’d give this topic a bit of a bump instead of creating a new one for IA 2011.

I have a telephone interview coming up soon and I was wondering whether anyone here had any specific tips on IA programme?

I’ve already seen the thread re general competancy Qs.

Also, does anyone else have a telephone interview coming up, or have passed and been invited to the AC?


Hey Final Year
I’ve also applied for internal audit but I just sent my application in this Friday. I’ve been invited to do the online tests and was just wondering how soon they got back to you in regards to the online tests as the email says a few weeks. Seems a long time to be waiting. Do you know if that’s about right or did they just put a large time frame to ensure they’re never late?

What Stage are you at now. Hope it goes well


Hi LA123,

Have you completed your online tests? if you have what sort of questions was there?, I am still waiting for a reply for my application…

Thanks for your help


I haven’t done them yet. Maybe tomorrow. Soz cant really help ya yet


Hi, sorry for the late reply. It’s been so hectic - final year and anything else that goes with it! But you all know what its like…

LA123, when I completed the online tests - I got the same generic email saying that I met the benchmarked scores and that they would get back to me as to whether I would progress to the next stage… the next morning, I received an email saying I was through! So, maybe the “few weeks” was a precaution just in case they need to deliberate a bit more.

At the moment I have passed the telephone interview and am waiting for an AC to come round.

Bentley, the test was pretty much as the example tests on Santander’s link and also the website. I used the practice tests to prepare for the actual thing. It was pretty much the same, so just make sure u get the practice questions right before you do the real deal.

Hope this helps.



No worries Final year. I did my test late Friday night and received the same generic response automatically. Got a second email today inviting me to an interview. They only had 1 slot which left me with less than 48 hours to prepare. Do u have any advice for the interview ans are the questions as stated on other Santander threads.

Good Luck at the AC


Its pretty much the same… I used the Santander Telephone Interview thread to get me through it.

Good Luck, let us know how things go.



Will do :slight_smile: