Santander Graduate schemes 09



Has anyone applied for the santander graduate schemes for 2009, I applied for the Internal Audit on the 24/07/09 and found ‘‘Our Internal Audit Programme has now closed for applications for the 2009 intake.’’ message a couple of days later on their website.

Ive done the numerical and verbal tests and am waiting for a response.

Anyone else applied?



I would call and ask to transfer programmes before the reject you straight out.


I hope you did well in your test. Do you know whether Santander use SHL for their test or not?

Thanx in advance


Hey has anyone recently done their tests? I just did mine and although i found the numerical one okay (though i did miss out like 5 due to time running out) the verbal one threw me off completely!! Normally i’m okay with verbal tests, but with this one i found the passages to be pretty long and complex. Just have to play the waiting game now and see what happens

Oh and in response to the comment above - i know its late but santander use PSL


hey grad2009 - just wondering have you had a reply from santander about the scheme? I passed the online tests about a month ago (for finance scheme) and was emailed they will compare everyones marks before deciding who they take through to next stage. just wondering if you in the same boat as me?


Yeah I got the same email today, they said they’ll be comparing the marks after they complete all the online testing. The internal audit deadline wasn’t that long ago so I’m guessing the testing is still going on.


Has anyone got an idea when the next Assessment Centre for SATANDER PBA role is taking place? Please. thanks


2 weeks


Hi All,
Can you please tell me how tough the verbal and numerical assessments are? I need to take the test - is it similar to GMAT level?


Hi all,

I Just had my telephone interview for the PBA role and passed. I have just been sent an email saying they will let me know the details of the next stage, which is the assessment centre. Is anyone in the same situation??? Is anyone going to an Assessment Centre soon? Or has anyone been informed of the next assessment centre day??

Please; Thanks


Hey Arsenal,

How did ur assessment centre go?..what kinda things were you asked, what was the entire process?.. and how long did it take. I ve just confimed my assesment centre for sumtym next week and I need alll the help I can get!

Thanxa lot!


Hi all,

pls can anyone whose been to the PBA Assessment centre pls provide information on the process?

Thank you!


can anyone share their experience with the A/C? i am going soon and I do not know what to expect, I will be grateful for any advice!! thanks


Kaczkat, unfortunately I don’t think many people are using these Santander threads this year… I am waiting for an AC atm as well - for Internal Audit. What have you applied for and when is your AC?

Good Luck with your AC. Hope it goes well, let us know how you get on.



its tomorrow - when is yours??


Tomorrow as well - so are you IA too?

Honestly, I’m really nervous atm. This is my first assessment centre, so I’m not really sure what to expect.

I guess I’ll see you tomorrow!


nothing on wikijob what to expect :slight_smile:
we will see! see you tomorrow!
my name is Kasia by the way :wink:


Hey it would be great if you guys could share your experience at the AC

Good luck to you both :slight_smile:


it was pretty standard a/c.
first there was a numeracy test, then some written exercise, competency interview and group work. i found the team work the worst thing as i felt more like during the recruitment of the sales or marketing people rather than auditors. but over all very nice HR people, lunch, interviewers.
good luck


thanks for the input. i dont about other banks but it feels like santander is a lot into sales in every role. i used to work for them and have now applied for grad role. i think as an internal auditor u will be working in the branches and the staff there hate the auditors!!!

good luck.