Santander graduate scheme 2017



I got an email today saying they would be waiting until all the assessments are complete for the programme before giving the outcome. They advised we should hear back on the 24th


Anyone heard anything yet about assessment centre results for the consultant role?


I emailed them last week, was told by one of the HR women who was there on the day that they should get back to us tomorrow or next Monday. I then had another HR woman contact me, telling me that it would be from this Friday that they’ll be able to contact us as that’s when all the assessment centres will be finished


Do you know how many people they’re taking per assessment centre ?


I don’t think it’s done per assessment centre, which is why I think they had to arrange more. I was told by a HR guy that apparently there are 40 positions open but apparently the assessment centres were for different roles however in mine, we were all going for the Graduate Consultant-January 2019 start! Maybe he meant business analyst vs project manager, I’m not sure.


Hopefully it’s not just done per assessment centre as there were like 2 assessments a day for a month!


I think they treat it like other companies, where they consider candidates as a whole. Since sometimes in an assessment centre there can be literally no one who matches the criteria of a person they are looking for!


Anyone got any calls yet ?




Ah it’s stressful!


I think it will be Monday. Just going to let it go for this weekend


Yeah I suspect so. Going to email just to double check


Have they responded to your email?


No not yet - I’m guessing we won’t be hearing anything today. Has anyone had any other updates?


Has anyone had an offer / been contacted by HR yet?


I emailed them this morning and they’ve stated that the calls should be done this week


Ah ok- so probably not today either?


They might be starting with the earlier assessment centres first, so if yours was one of the first it could be today!
However they could also be starting with the offers first. When I spoke to Katy (HR) she said today, so I’m not sure why it’s been so delayed.


Yeah exactly. Mine was one of the last. What about you?


Tomorrow is two weeks since mine!