Santander graduate scheme 2017



Did you have assesment these days ?


@Manolis_Skoufos1 I did my video interview the previous week, I got a called telling me that my video interview was successful. After that, they asked me for my uni grades and they replied me that my application is moving forward so I guess they will tell me soon when it will be my assessment date.


Did you get in ??


I don’t know mate. I’m
Waiting for their call this week hopefully


Make sure you know about offerings to SME’s and what other banks can offer. Biggest weakness, biggest strength. How does Barclays compare to Santander’s in retail/commercial banking aspect

  • Role play
  • Group exercise
  • Presentation
  • Interview


When was your assesment ?


Guys anyone that had the assesment last week heard back ?


When did they say they would get back to you? @Manolis_Skoufos1


They said this week


Nope, not heard back yet


When did you guys have your AC and when did they tell you you would hear back?


My assesment was 4th of September and they said they will come back to us next week.

What about yours ?


@Manolis_Skoufos that’s really strange - on the website it says they should get back to you in 5 days


@Buttercupbiter_Condo do you know how many AC’s were running ?


Had mine Monday, was told before friday so expecting a call like 5pm as theres an AC going on this afternoon


Yeah mate… this week there was two a day mon-thurs and presume it was the same last week and next week?


How did you guys think you got on?


Yeah true but they told us they were waiting for the other assessments to be finished. We were the first one


I don’t think they going to get back to us today. Maybe tomorrow or Monday


Anyone had a call? / how many people do you think they’re recruiting for Jan. They also recruited for October 18 already